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Getting Back Into The Anime Grind

So, burnout… It is a real issue that I have previously chatted about and it is one obstacle that I am eagerly trying to vault. I want to find that […]

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What Does It Take To Get Into Cosplay Photography!?

There comes a day where we being to realize that we either take great pictures or are interested in taking pictures of others in cosplay. It is a section of […]

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Anime NebrasKon: A Convention With So Much More To Give

Expectations can lead you on a wonderfully fun goose chase. They can often times end in an amazing experience or they can reward your vein efforts with misery. Anime NebrasKon […]

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Introducing: Ota Kamiya 3.0!

I’ve long waited for this moment. Having a new shirt design is paramount for moving into a new year and a new period of hopefully growth for Otaku Gamer Zone. […]

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Distancing Oneself From Biased Opinions

We all have them. Those tiny little voices in the back of our heads that just want us to lash out, to defend ourselves and opinion. However, do we risk […]

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Anime Nebraskon is Less Than Five Days Away!

With the weather turning colder and colder my anticipation for Anime Nebraskon continues to grow and grow. With only FIVE DAYS LEFT until the big trip, it would be coarse […]

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The Road To Ota 3.0!

Big and exciting news: Ota, our beloved mascot, will be getting a massive overhaul for this coming new year! This is exciting for both our artist Milkgrrl and for myself […]