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Where To Start When It Comes To Camera Shopping!

So maybe you are shopping for someone else or maybe it is a gift to you. A camera is an item, a tool that opens up a door of endless […]

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OGZ Year In Review: Conventions and Photography Oh My!

So with 2017 in the closing throngs of its existence it is time to look back on what was achieved this year. Unfortunately not a lot for me but two […]

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Remembering Why You Love Anime: Nostalgia

Nostalgia can be both a comforting device and one that spurs on passionate pursuits of something long loved. Be that a particular work of art, book, or artistic medium. Anime […]

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My First Week With Google’s Project Fi: Is It Worth it?

With week one, won and done (like what we did there?) what has it been like to be on the Pixel 2 XL while on Google’s Project Fi. I gotta […]

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Star Wars Battlefront 2: These Are The Droids You Are Looking For

TL;DR… If you suck at First Person Shooters then having all pay to win cards will not mean the game is balanced in your favor. Skill is a factor to […]

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is The Perfect Mobile Game

We all love a good game to play on the go and with mobile gaming being at the forefront of the gaming spectrum we need to find you all something […]

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The Road To Ota 3.0!

Big and exciting news: Ota, our beloved mascot, will be getting a massive overhaul for this coming new year! This is exciting for both our artist Milkgrrl and for myself […]