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Anime 2

Barakamon Teaches Enjoyment Through Simplicty

Face it, you have had moments where you feel on top of the world, untouchable and someone to fear. Then it hits you like a sack of potatoes. Life has […]

Anime 16

Exploring Anime Through Music

Take a moment and focus not on the words you see running down at the bottom of your screen, nor the colorful images that you see play out across the […]

Anime 1

How Invested is Too Invested?

Sports, games, movies and anime all share fans who have such feverish fervor that it begs the question, “When is an investment too much?” When does being so emotionally wrapped […]

Anime 1

We Upgraded Our Camera!

So the chance are that you may have already heard this announcement over on our official YouTube Channel. If not then please feel free to watch the video, which will be […]

Anime 1

Impressions of Viz Media’s Bleach Set 1 & Set 2!

First off this post and accompanying unboxing video could not have been possible without the fine folks from Viz Media! Thank you so much for the amazing and tireless work […]

Anime 1

Impressions of our Manga Haul!

So if you all watched our latest video over on our official YouTube Channel, then you’d understand we walked away with quite a manga haul! I know three titles doesn’t […]