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Is It Right To Sell a Voice Actress/Actors Signature?

Recently a Twitter Post by Popular Voice Actress Erica Mendez brought up a harsh truth and issue. It is one that plagues not only the anime community, but the larger […]

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At What Point Do We Become Too Invested?

There is always a peak. A point from which we stand at the highest footing in fandoms before we take the slippery slide down into the absolute hell that is […]

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Stardew Valley is Best At Home On Nintendo’s Switch

While it has most certainly been a while since I have touched the amazing indie game that is Stardew Valley, it hasn’t lost its charm. Stardew Valley finally made the […]

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The Inateck Type-C SATA-III case is perfect for those with a plethora of pulled, internal drives!

I did pander Inateck for a review unit, but seeing as a family member had graciously purchased one for my own use, I settled on providing a quick write up. […]

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Musical Moments in Gaming That Make You Feel Powerful!!!

We all have experienced these moments within the gaming community. We are playing our favorite game, getting close to fighting the big baddie or gearing up for the big assault. […]

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The Month of Halloween is Upon Us… So Let’s Watch Appropriate Anime!

The time to hang the spooky and morbid decorations is upon us at last. That means all things frightful and fearful. The Cinema’s will be filled with horror films galore […]