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The Senran Kagura Estival Versus PC Review!

What joy one has when a fantastic PS4 and PS Vita game finally gets a PC release is tantamount only to a feverish celebratory screech. We were given an generous […]

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APOSIMZ is One Gorgeous Manga!

In a bleak world rife with frame disease, communities band together to stand against imposing and inhospitable odds. This stunning manga from Tsutomu Nihei is just a small testament to the stunningly […]

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OGZ Turns Two Today!

While our first written post was not until the day after the 15th of March, this was the day I decided to hop onto my laptop and start the process […]

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Naka-Kon 2017 Is The Convention That Gets Better and Better!

I said it last year and I will surely say it again, Naka-Kon is the convention that just gets better and better. Being our second year as press and our very […]

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To The Wonderfully, Amazing Women

While we may be jumping on-board an already full wagon I feel it is right to talk about how important it is for diversity in the workplace and how many […]

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Packing For A Convention!

With Naka-Kon 2017 just around the bend, we have thought about what we do to pack for a convention. Sure, we all do the usual grab set of clothes and […]