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In my quest to find and feature superb sites, people and companies that bring excellent Smart Doll content… I may have found a new candidate. Enter Tobias Malfoy, a person and a brand that focuses on excellent, quality clothing A hand picked freelancer by Danny Choo for some amazing Off-Shoulder Blouse designs. Their personal Etsy store features items from socks, leggings to designer style jackets and dresses.

The price of course marks-up accordingly, but I would argue that you are paying for a superbly quality experience. It is worth noting that you are also supporting a talented individual who is just as passionate about Smart Doll’s as I am.

I asked Tobias Malfoy if they could provide a little blurb about themselves…

My journey with Smart Doll started purely as a hobby, during a time where I didn’t have a creative outlet. I immediately fell in love the Culture Japan brand and of course my Mirai, who was my first Smart Doll, she became my muse.

Designing and sewing apparel for my Mirai was so enjoyable, the more I created the more that the doll community started to take notice of me and over the past two years my hobby has turned into a full on business.
My biggest achievement so far was being hand-picked by Danny Choo himself, who offered me a role as a freelance apparel designer for Smart Doll. That was such an honour and such a proud moment to have my talent and skill recognised. One of my designs is currently available on the Smart Doll website and in-store in Japan, the ‘Off Shoulder Blouse’ available in Seersucker Blue and Gingham Red.
My customers mean a lot to me, it’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m bringing joy to other people all around the world. It makes me so happy to see photos of my customers dolls wearing my pieces. I’m so grateful for all their support, they enable me to continue to create and fulfil my ambitions and passions.
This is just the start of my journey, I know I have so much ahead of me and the future holds so many more great opportunities for me.
Tobias Malfoy
Again if you are looking for a massively comparable experience to Danny Choo Smart Doll Clothing then look no further than Tobias Malfoy. I hope to eventually feature some of their clothing in the future, don’t know when but I hope soon! Please feel free to use any of the links provided within the post and down below. Let them know Otaku Gamer Zone sent you! This page is not sponsored in anyway, shape or form I just enjoy giving face to brilliant creators.
Visit the official website: Click here!
Follow Tobias Malfoy on Twitter: Click Here!
Visit their Official Store: Click Here!
Licensed Smart Doll Clothing From Culture Japan: Click Here!

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