We know you like the titles that skip the plot for ‘plot’. That’s why we created a nifty little section for you all to view titles that are scandalous and maybe a bit graphic in nature; like say Another. While I have no way of pushing an age verify tool be warned that you are treading on fairly mature grounds!


Deathtopia: http://wp.me/p5TTjB-2kE


Future Diary: http://wp.me/p5TTjB-1M4


Psycho Pass: http://wp.me/p5TTjB-1I6


OGZ’s Top Three Mature Titles: http://wp.me/p5TTjB-1FL

Thank you to @milkgrrl for bringing us spicy Ota-San! If you would like to know more about our commissioned artist milkgrrl then feel free to follow the hyperlink on her name!

Special Ota-San for a special page!

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