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Like many of you, I am no stranger to cosplay. This phenomenon that has swept the globe and brings countless frustrations and joy to the individuals who portray the characters they love. For many, cosplay can be an escape from the horrors of everyday life. It gives you a chance to be someone else and that can mean the world over to other individuals. Other times it can represent a vicious battle between financially stability and partaking in a craft you love and adore.

This post will attempt to pay homage to my cities local cosplay community and prop them up to be further viewed by a larger audience. I love the work that each and everyone of them does and they shine all the brighter for it. As a forewarning, some of the images will be of mine and others will be from other photographers. I shall grab credit where I can, provided that the cosplayers can properly credit the OG photographer. Each feature cosplayer will have a blurb accompanying them and links to all social platforms they have mentioned!

Sopheria Cosplay: I cosplay because I love crafting costumes, becoming characters that I love and admire, and spears… apparently I love spears. HA! But I also enjoy bringing smiles to others and seeing this result through cosplay makes all the hard work worth it!


Sopheria Cosplay Socials


Instagram: @sopheriacosplay  

Twitter: sopheriacosplay



Little Miss Latina: I cosplay because it is an escape. We live in a scary and stressful world. But it is nice  to set that reality aside for a brief moment while you work to create your cosplay and then when you put it on. Yes, we all have to deal with the real world eventually, but for a brief shining moment, you are someone else and your worries are not there. For myself, cosplay is a form of self-care that not only brings joy to myself, but to others as well!

FairyTailDerrick: The reason I cosplay is that when I’m dressed as a character, I get to walk a mile in their shoes and learn more about myself while also getting to step outside my comfort zone.


Instagram @fairytailderrick

DDCosplay: I wanted to get into cosplay for my first con, I thought at first I would never like it, and now I’m steadily working my way to bigger better cosplays and dream cosplays.



Instagram @ddcosplays

Purple_Voice_Cosplay: My name is Audry, but I go by Purple Voice or PV. I have been cosplaying for 7 years. I started cosplaying because I loved to act and pretend to be someone else. It was a coping mechanism to be someone else and embody other people’s role models and heroes. ❤️ Now, I am not only a cosplayer, but an actress and costume designer for theatre.


Instagram @purple_voice_cosplay

_Izzy_Love_: Hi! I’m Alyssa. I cosplay because it is a creative outlet that allows me to be anyone I want to be. I love that, and the confidence I gain from knowing I did what it took to become that person.


Instagram @_izzy_love_

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