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The Crunchyroll Effect

(Image is featured from Crunchyroll’s website. All rights belong to their respective owners.) Anime streaming is a thing of interesting nature. In the early days, unless you were watching Toonami, you probably didn’t have any other way to watch anime. With the advent of stream(able) media, this has become a much more narrow window. Netflix in its early days had […]

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Let’s Talk Anime: Music

(Image is from the opening credits of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) Tonight’s, Let’s Talk, will be a bit different than our first one. One thing that stood out to me while I was writing up that post was the fact that music is very much one outstanding factor that often draws potential fans into anime. Right now, […]

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Let’s Talk Anime: Kill La Kill

Welcome to the first in a series of discussions! These ‘Talks’ will consist of ramblings about favorite Anime or Games. So, lets kick this into high gear and lose those clothes! ~WARNING: Spoilers may follow, be advised! You have been warned!~ Kill la Kill, an anime done by the collaboration or Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima. The anime follows our […]

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My Time at Naka-Kon 2015

You step out of your car with your friends after a rather long drive, the warm sun beaming down on you as you all make your way up to the convention center’s doors and enter. You dazzle at the sights and sounds of the convention center as you make your way up the escalator and into exhibit hall B to […]

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New Beginnings!

(Artwork: Road by arsenixc) Welcome! Today marks a driving push on my behalf to provide an awesome, nerdy and Otaku service to the community that I find myself ever present in. This has been an itch I have been trying my best to scratch but could never find the right way to do so. Now I believe I have the […]