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Anime 4

Let’s Talk Anime: -Why Story Context Matters-

You are watching an anime and you finally reach the end of the road. You either have several reactions. You sit there wondering what message/meaning/lesson you needed to take away from it, you may be having an emotional moment or you could just be staring blank at the scrolling credits wondering what you watched. When it comes down to it, […]

30 Day Challenge 0

Anime Challenge Day 10! -Favorite Fighter Anime-

We all love that one fighter anime. Whether it is the long running DBZ, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, we all have a favorite. While none of the above particularly interest me, I am hoever interested in the fantastic series that is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You will not find a more manly, courageous, honorable anime out there; I mean the […]

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Let’s Talk Anime: -Contemporary Video Game Scenario-

“Trapped in the game.” It’s nothing new, Tron did it; and then there’s the ever-popular .hack series. However, with the recent boosts in VR tech (I’m looking at you Oculus Rift) the scenario has sprung up quite frequently in popular media. This includes, of course, anime. While many of these titles feature a hero/heroine being whisked to another world while […]

Article 5

Website Discussion! -1000+ Visitors and 2000+ Views!-

I originally wanted to get this out last night but watching the new episode of Non Non Biyori-Repeat took priority… To get to the point our humble website passed a few landmarks yesterday! We dipped above both 1000+ Visitors and 2000+ Views! Which is pretty darn awesome! So roughly every visitor I had has viewed at least two articles. While […]

30 Day Challenge 2

Anime Challenge Day 8! -My Favorite Anime Couple-

With many fans enjoying the art of mashing couples together into OTP’s (One True pairing’s) it would make sense for a list to have an entry for a favorite anime couple. So, the issue boils down now to what ones we will pick. We certainly have our choice yet, it seems rather overwhelming upon first glance. Thankfully, we don’t have […]

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Let’s Talk Anime: -Why You Won’t Forget About Trigun!-

Anime has been rising in popularity ever so steadily throughout the last decade. And with more series being released every year, how does one manage to stay around? Some shows, like One Piece, have managed to prolong their lifetime by continuously making episodes (once you get into your 600th installment, you are immortal–for good and bad reasons). However, some anime […]

30 Day Challenge 2

Anime Challenge Day 7! -My Anime Crush-

Ahh the shame category has come up and around to us this time. Today is the day we talk of love, good, classy, pure fictional love. For some this crush and love interest is pretty… strong but for others it is no different than having a bias towards an actor or actress. So for the sake of posts, and science, […]