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Anime 6

Let’s Talk Anime: -Why You Should Watch Soul Eater NOT!-

Feeling rather Soul Eater-y after having rushed through much of the amazing anime that is Soul Eater NOT! Now bear with me, I know Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! are two very different anime and have two very different approaches to art style and story. Soul Eater NOT follows the tale of Tsugumi, a high schooler who finds that […]

Article 5

Lynlynsays & Matthew Nominated Us For The Creative Blogger Award!

I swear, work just keeps piling up but it is awesome to still see our site getting some love! Both Lynlynsays & Matthew nominated us for the Creative Blogger Award! The rules are pretty simple, state five random facts about oneself and then nominate 15-20 other bloggers that are deserving of this award! Then of course, notify the new recipients and as always, thank […]

Anime 1

Let’s Talk Gaming: -Weiss Schwarz-

Collectible card games; most of us have played them, or at least heard of them. It involves collecting cards–some rarer than others–and playing a competitive game with them. Cards can usually be bought in trial decks, booster packs, or individually. And prices can range from a few cents up into the hundreds of dollars (Charizard…). The appeal to these games, […]

Article 4

Infinity Dream Award!

Wow a normal post aside from the challenge posts for once! Thank you late work scheduling! First of, a big thank you to Jiraiyan at Otaku Orbit for nominating our website for the awesome Infinity Dream Award! This marks our second award and the first in the Infinity category! The rules for this one are pretty simple, list seven dreams (They can […]