Ota In Profile!

Because we love Ota so much, we figured we would start a character profile for her! That way there is a bit of character development for her and in case there is anyone out there that is perspective in learning more on her! I will try to expand her background as I have time to fully jot down bits and bobbles to make her more rooted!



Full Name: Ota Kamiya (神谷太田)

Age: 20, Born October 17th

Build: Average

Height: 167.64cm

Blood: Type B

Besties: Edyth

Personality: Bubbly and very outgoing, Ota is a cheerful spirit who loves to tackle her dreams head on without resistance! This forward thinking style can often make her seem a bit selfish at times, but she is always helpful when she is around those she works with! While clingy to those she adores, she always puts her friends first and does her best to be the beaming source of joy in any group.

Likes: She is overly fond of anything blue. Has a bad habit of clinging to those around her, she calls this a friendship hug. Enjoys green tea flavored items and fluffy cats! Reading, watching anime and playing games are past times of hers; she is probably diamond rank in LoL right about now… She loves getting up first thing in the morning to exercise and tackle her daily tasks!

Dislikes: solid green clothes, not being able to give hugs and running out of coffee.

Once again our mascot was lovingly brought to life by the fabulous MilkGrrl! Any use of Ota in terms of cosplay is perfectly fine so long as no sales are being made in using her likeness for your own advantage. If so please get in touch with MilkGrrl or ourselves prior to any plans! Any improper use of our mascot without prior clearance from both our self and MilkGrrl is subject to reprimands.

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