Hello everyone! If you are new to our website allow me to inform you that this is not the first article i have written in regards to a Patreon campaign. I hate that site to the core. It makes me feel dirty and paranoid for no good reason; mainly because I hate asking for help. However in this sense I am asking kindly for assistance! I am wanting to have a better presence with our website on the gaming front. We lack heavily in that regard and we are not living up to the ‘Gamer’ tag line in our company title. How are we setting up our campaign? Well it will be a rather simple one really. We are using Patreon as a donation page. It is not required nor is it a mandatory one as it will simply exist to allow anyone interested in providing a leg up to OGZ. What will the donations go to? Well allow me to break it down for you all in a bullet style list.

  • Software for video recording and editing.
  • A new computer to replace my 2010 hand-me-down Dell XPS
  • Helps to cover data overages from video uploads and paying for said data.
  • With anything that is left over we will move those towards a giveaway fund.

You have no clue how much this means to me and when I say a donation I mean a donation. I will still provide Patreon exclusives such as exclusive access to Let’s Play videos before our youtube and wordpress subscribers, we also will write exclusive video game based articles purely for our Patreon supporters. Granted I will flesh out the details of what I will be pushing there, but as it stands this is all a long shot. Please note that this Patreon campaign will not be forever. I will end it at some point!

If you are willing to take the leap/risk of helping to fund an upstart then by all means feel free to click this link! It means the world and more to us that you are considering helping OGZ out!