Doll Delights!

Ever wondered to yourself, “Man I really, really wish someone made some quality Smart Doll and Dollfie Dreams clothing for an inexpensive value.” Well wonder no more because I have your solution; hopefully. Chances are you may have not ran into AnimeShutterBug over on Twitter and you may not know that they happen to run an apparel shop. Based out of New Jersey, US, AnimeShutterBug has opened up their own boutique which caters to all popular flavors of ball-jointed doll out there. Okay, maybe not all ball-jointed doll’s, but at least the top players out there.


This store has a little bit of everything which range from bikini to sweaters and intimates. The clothing is all hand-crafted by employed sowers and tested by the sites owner, AnimeShutterBug. The clothing is cute, fits perfectly on all busts sizes, minus the absurdly sized ones.

Our mascot Ota Kamiya modeling his Succubus Bikini. Not pictured here are the included stockings.

The pricing is another grand advantage of this shop. You pay more for standard shipping, which is bloody quick, but you save one the clothing. Over having to source a primary source of Smart Doll clothing through Danny Choo himself, this is a nice site for those of you in the states. Especially if you want something that is not as expensive. Quality isn’t lacking here either so take advantage of this option!

Visit the store:

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