Creating art: Milkgrrl

*Please consider checking out her official Patreon page!*

Welcome to our first artistic focus! For this page we have the wonderfully amazing Milkgrrl other wise known as Shari (We also just commissioned her for a new mascot! Look down below and you might be able to see her with her other works)! Her art is something else entirely! It holds the right amount of cuteness and the right diversity of color to just make your sense overload with adorableness and beauty. Her pricing is very fair; considering that most artists tend to charge well above what she currently does. As it stands she charges….

  • 15USD for a icon
  • 30USD for a bust
  • 40USD for a waist-up
  • 50USD Chibi full body
  • 60USD for a full body
  • For tiled backgrounds 10USD

Granted depending on the complexity of the commission the actual piece my cost more than listed and unfortunately I have little in the way of personal experience to go off; I can only assume that it would still wind up in a fair pricing range. Some of the art she has done sits in the NSFW range, but if that isn’t your cup of tea no worries! It’s not like she exclusively caters to that category! Speaking of I am sure you all want samples of her work so look no further!


Personally biased towards the Miku art! She’s glorious!

As you can see her style varies from piece to piece, but a central theme remains and you can see that in the beautiful eyes! She has many strong and soft looking female designs that are just jaw-dropping and beautifully drawn. Again I have yet to commission this artist, but this may be a jump that I would love to take very soon in order to help spruce up both OGZ and my own personal art collection! If you are considering checking this artist out, feel free to use the provided link down below!

Also, Shari has given us the awesome opportunity to bring back out beloved Ota mascot! We had to scrap her idea due to rising costs, but she is back and she has gone through a make over! Shari did a phenomenal job with taking my random and sporadic ideas and bringing her to life in such a way that leaves us speechless and hungry for more.

Ota is dressed casually and ready for the spring convention season!
We added in our logo to let you know what site you are visiting! Her card will hold all manner of information for us!

If you also love supporting budding artists Shari also has a Patreon running! If you want to grab some good deals and exclusive look at artwork then look no further! She offers a generous diversity of donation benefits for everyone’s budget amount.

Official Milkgrrl site: Click me!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.14.25 AM.png

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