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Do you like small start-ups? Well we do! That is why we wanted to make a page to highlight some of the few start-ups that we have just discovered and are in love with! From here you will find, YouTubers, Streamers, Artists, Writers or maybe a bit of everything! In either event these are people we say that you should check out! Feel free to give each them a follow!

Arkayologist: Is a Overwatch Streamer by nature and a gamer at heart! She is a seasoned streamer and can always use the love! Whether its owning newbs as D.Va or a steady hand with her healing stream as Mercy (New Main), you can bet that she will take you for a ride! 


OraMagi: A anime and manga fan like no other, OraMagi is a fresh face in the YouTube anime community and is here to offer his humorous and expert editing to his wildly fun videos! I know potential when I see it and OraMagi has what it takes! Feel free to give him a look!


Lucia Sabor: An anime fan that loves cosplay as much as the next person Lucia Sabor makes our list due to her simple love and passion for what makes cosplay fun! Having cosplayed for about two years now Lucia has been making great progress with her high quality cosplay and has some big plans for the upcoming 2017 cosplay year! If you are a regular at conventions like Naka-Kon please look forward to seeing what she has in store for the upcoming convention! Please enjoy some photos from her cosplay run! 

Hysteria347: is a local artist from our residing city of Springfield, MO and she is a budding artist with nothing but passion and love for the communities that enthrall her. While just starting out with nothing but her own patience and skill, we look forward to seeing what work Hysteria347 will create! She does have a Tumblr which you can access via the included hyperlink! Down below we shall include a few of her artwork as samples! Maybe one day she will open up for commissions!

CheesecakeBG: Is a wonderfully budding artists from the great land of the United States and she has been a presence on both our Twitter and site pages! She is just really beginning to push her self out there and her art has a lot of character and charm behind each and everyone. She even drew us fan art a while back! That is awesome and totally not a bias factor in us featuring her here on this page! Rather we see an awesome potential in an awesomely talented artist! She is accepting commissions and has posted them on her twitter page which you can access via this link!

*More coming soon!*

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