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Hello everyone! It has been an awful long time since I featured a new cosplayer on Otaku Gamer Zone, but today that changes! I have here a local cosplayer Sopheria Cosplay who I had the lucky opportunity to be able to photoshoot for her and others at this years Anime Nebraskon 2017. While the convention was… lacking, the cosplay sure wasn’t.

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I cannot stress how fun it was to shoot the Love Live Cyberset photos and to be able to shyly chat with everyone. This feature has been in the work for about a month now, mostly due to me having no energy to get around to working on posts… REGARDLESS here is my little Q&A I got to have with the talented individual behind Sopheria Cosplay. Enjoy!

  • (K)So first off why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers and gives a little bit of detail about you. (SC)Hello everyone! I am Sopheria Cosplay! I’m a cosplayer from the Missouri area that has been cosplaying since 2012. I love cosplaying series I enjoy and gravitate a lot towards the Tales of Series, Danganronpa, Gravity Rush, and God Eater. I’ve been cosplaying a lot of Love Live recently because I am also a part of a dance group called Kira Kira Springfield! I absolutely love dancing and It is such a joy to be apart of the group!! 
  • (K)What got you into cosplay? Was it just something that you naturally grew into out of curiosity or is it the idea of escaping into another character? (SC)I remember when I was younger I always wanted to cosplay the characters I felt a deep connection to, and this was before I even knew cosplay was a thing! I felt this especially with Sheena from Tales of Symphonia. So I definitely believe it was a natural progression! But going to my first convention was a big catalyst. I bought a C2 costume for the occasion and really enjoyed wearing her all weekend. Seeing all of the amazing costumes that weekend and the awesome entries in the cosplay contest only made me want to take it to the next level and learn the in and outs of cosplay crafting! 
  • (K)Do you have any inspirations when it comes to your cosplay? Any family, friend of significant other that has been a fount of support for you? (SC)My friends and boyfriend are definitely big inspirations for me! Group cosplaying is always a lot of fun and helps me feel motivated. They have pushed me to explore different aspects of cosplay and even characters. I also have some cosplay role models I follow for inspiration, Lumis Mirage cosplay being the biggest role model of the bunch.
  • (K)Do you find it hard to get into character when cosplaying? Does it come naturally or not at all? (SC)It depends a lot on the character, but for the most part I can get into character pretty easily. Characters that tend to be happy and full of energy come the most natural to me though!
  • (K)If someone was wanting to get into cosplay but didn’t know where to start, what would you recommend to them? (SC)The biggest recommendation I could give is to pick a character you love and just have fun shinning as them! This can help a lot especially if you want to get into making your own costumes. Cosplay crafting is a learning process so starting off small and working your way up with characters you love can help you improve gradually while having a lot of fun doing so.
  • (K)I know you do a phenomenal job at portraying Rin from Love Live! What are some of your favorite SunShine characters if any at all? (SC)My best Sunshine girl is Hanamaru! I’ve done a few costumes already as her, but I cannot wait to do more, Zura! Kanan and Dia are my other two favorites. Go, go Azaela! ❤ 
  • (K)Any future cosplay goals you wish to achieve in the coming year? (SC)I have a lot of goals for next year. I am hoping to maybe do more competitions, but I will be, for sure, making more costumes this year and showing off more of the series I love. A couple of projects I am hoping to finish are Velvet from Tales of Berseria and Garnet from Final Fantasy 9. 
  • (K)If you had to choose between two of your favorite anime to take on a desert island, what two would you take? (SC)Oh gosh that is a toughie!! Revolutionary Girl Utena is an anime that means a lot to me and was a big part of my life growing up, so it would definitely be one series I’d take! The second anime would be at least one of Satoshi Kon’s films. I really enjoy his work and it inspires me to go above and beyond. If I had to choose one film it would most likely be Millennium Actress, but if I had the choice of an ultimate box set collection with all of his films… then sign me up! High School DxD would be a very close choice as well!

I’ve included a sample of her work, as well as the photos I took during the aforementioned convention this past November. I have got to say I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to take the pictures I did. As always links will be down below to the social media pages that I have for you all to click on. I encourage you all check her out! These features are nothing big, but I like being able to bring forth a spot where you can find local or new cosplay material to follow. The idea of creating a page for them is something I feel adds a layer to an already amazing cake.

The anime community is truly an amazing place and I am lucky to be able to feature that people that I have thus far. The Q&A’s are not to terribly in-depth, but they offer a fun look at the cosplayer in spotlight nonetheless.

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