*Featured image was taken by Lemon-Ikon, features Deri as Kotori, Kimmistry as Hanayo, Rika Saginuma as Nico & mintyhoney as Nozomi*

As you all know we love creators. From the musicians that compose the beautiful melodies we jam to, all the way down to a simple artist just striking out on their own. Cosplay is a fabric to creation and art that is in a league all its own. It brings the characters that we all know and love out into a tangible form; that being said never touch a cosplayer without permission! This craft is a way to enter into the shoes of a character that the cosplayer loves and enjoys to emulate. It is a way to further engage with the anime that we all love and it has been an object of my personal fascination for quite sometime. Thankfully we are able to meet and chat with cosplayers that dazzle us with their prowess and crafty abilities!


Photo by: Lemon-ikon Photography Cosplay: Honoka Kousaka from Love Live!

Meet Deri CosplayDeri is a wonderfully talented cosplayer from the United States and has done some down right amazing cosplay from popular Love Live characters all the way to (our personal favorite) Aoi Miyamori from Shirobako. Her craft and skill has the makings of a high level cosplay designer and the charm that she brings to her characters is just phenomenal! Seeing someone feeling as expressive and gleeful about the characters that she portrays is just brilliant and encouraging. You can really tell she has a genuine joy and love for the characters she portrays in her cosplay and that the anime she has watched are ones that are particularly meaningful to her; which is one of many reasons why someone cosplays. Aside from her work with cosplay she is an active member of the large anime twitter community and is a joy to share meaningful conversations with. We both shared our grief about titles that lost out in the latest anime awards for 2016! We also happened to have a chance at being able to ask her a few questions!


Cosplay is Sakura from Sakura hime, photo is by TK The Tiger


1) What Got you into cosplay?
A friend from high school convinced me to cosplay at my very first convention and later taught me how to use a sewing machine. I’ve always liked working with my hands, so needless to say I fell in love with sewing! The satisfaction I get from being able to wear something I made is addicting and I haven’t stopped cosplaying since!

2)Do you feel that cosplay is more expressive for you and your fandom(s)?
Definitely! I love being able to display my love for a series by cosplaying from it and meeting fellow fans who share that love. It’s even better when it interests other people and gets them to join in on the fun too!

3) If you had to pick an inspiration for what you do, what or who would that be?
A mix of everything from cosplay senpai being awesome to my friends posting pictures of their hard work! I have a tendency to procrastinate, but when I see my friends work hard and produce amazing work, it gets me motivated.
4) Any new year goals for cosplaying?
Some goals would be to complete some unfinished cosplays, procrastinate less, and to do better than the year before!

We will include a line up of some of her work just below this post! Please check the photo captions and the bottom layer of our post for credit that is given towards these amazing photographers who took the provided pictures! If you wish to see more of her photos and work, please be sure to visit her official Facebook page for more cosplay fun and images!

With a new season of anime releasing and plans for the future, we look forward to joining Deri Cosplay on an amazing journey through creativity and passion for cosplay! If you would like to follow her, please use the provided links to her official Facebook and Twitter pages. Also the linking information for the photographers will be provided down below as well! So why don’t we all have some don, don, donuts and lets all go nuts!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dericosplay/

Official Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/derisamich

Photographer credit (All links go to their respective Facebook pages)!

Kimmistry: https://www.facebook.com/kimmistrycosplay/

Lemon-Ikon: https://www.facebook.com/Lemon.ikon.Photography/

Photographer-Kun: https://www.facebook.com/photogkun/

TK The Tiger: https://www.facebook.com/TKtheTiger/