Creating Cosplay: Angela From Kiss Kiss Cosplay

Continuing on with the cosplay train we have the amazingly talented Angela from Kiss Kiss Cosplay. Angela is a master cosplayer who loves the characters she portrays and heavily enjoys the thrill of hand making her own cosplay. While we know absolutely nothing about cosplay, Angela has been a great source of information in regards to sharing her passions. Her cosplay’s speak volumes for the joy she has when portraying these fine characters. She embodies and engrosses herself with these characters and we would dare say that she has a fun time doing so! We are especially biased towards her SUPERB AND PHENOMENAL Ryuko Matoi cosplay; faithful and in good taste!

Outside of cosplay, Angela is looking to further her scopes by pushing into Med School to help make a difference in the local communities she is in. She’s also recently tried her hand and writing over on Viewster’s Official blog! Enjoy the included quotation from Angela!

Angela, aka Kiss Kiss Cosplay, is a professed cosplay addict. For the past seven years, she has accidentally spent all her free time and money on cosplay, honing her crafting skills through online tutorials, fashion internships, theatre work, and costuming classes. She loves sewing in particular, and makes most of her own costumes. In the past few years in particular, she has searched high and low for beautiful and unique locations to shoot her costumes at, and has been lucky enough to work with many talented photographers. She enjoys judging and competing in cosplay contests–in 2015, she and her cosplay partner Danielle became the World Cosplay Summit USA Northeast representatives and competed in the USA finals. Most recently, she has joined the Pretty Guardians (, a Sailor Moon cosplay group based out of St. Louis. You can find her on Facebook ( and Instagram (

If you wish to follow her, please feel free to use any of the social media links provided above in the descriptive blurb! We encourage you all to give this cosplayer your support and admiration as she tackles the world of cosplay head on!



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