Creating Art: Sakura

For our newest artist that we have featured, we decided to feature a member within our Ani-blogger community. Say hello to Sakura amateur artist extraordinaire!

We love seeing someone who is both passionate about art and someone who is always looking to improve themselves no matter what. Right now Sakura is trying to spread her wings with her art. She has reached out to several bloggers and mutuals to provide her artistic expertise where needed.

Like any other person, she is a committed fan of anime and _Wonderful_ J-Pop and J-Rock. She has honestly been a boon of knowledge and help for our musical needs outside of art. She isn’t afraid to jump into the conversation and likes to lend a helping hand where she can.

We can also do this in return! She has recently set up her own store front from where she can take commissions. All funding of course goes to help pay for her hosting and artistic needs; as well as for everyday items. So, if you feel like supporting an up and coming artist, now is the time!

Be sure to visit her Official Store Front to commission her and support her! Also feel free to follow her over on her official Twitter Page!


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