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Welcome to another featured artists page! (If you haven’t guessed, WE LOVE ART) Today we have the immense pleasure of bringing you the amazingly talented artists, Anntan. This is one brilliant artists whose’s very art oozes with detail, colors and love. It is hard to not look at a piece of art done by Anntan and just be mesmerized by its array of color and the ‘juiciness’ of the characters. Honestly her Ahri just gushes detail and I love it all so very much.

We had an awesome chance to send her six random questions that we thought would be good ones to ask so we hope you enjoy seeing the answers she gave!

1.) First off, we love your art and have to ask the age old question… what got you started? Was it a love for the medium or just a hobby that grew into something more?

Anntan: I am pleased to hear you guys like my art style, it means a lot to me. To answer your question, I started drawing at a very young age. Disney movies made me realise that I want to draw princesses. It was a challenge for me to draw exactly what I’ve watched. Growing up, I always told my parents that I will go to an art school when I grow up which I did (spoilers)

2.) If you had to name an artist or artistic inspiration, who or what would that be and why?

Anntan: Without any hesitation, Paul Kwon aka Zeronis. He is amazing and my role model! I feel connected to his art style. I wish I could draw as good as him someday.

3.) What are your goals for your art? Do you hope to one day be doing work for a company or stay freelance?

Anntan: To aim higher is the path I believe everyone should take as it helps us develop and become better. I want to expand my knowledge and skills. I would love to work as an illustrator for any game company.

4.) Outside of art do you enjoy anything else? IS it safe to assume you game a fair bit? I mean, it seem silly to ask this question but who knows!

Anntan: Apart from drawing I have a lot of other hobbies. Cosplay and Gaming the major ones. I started playing games since I was a child and I haven’t stopped since then. I wish there was more horror games! I’m a big fan of MMORPGs. I played TERA for so long alongside Aion and Blade&Soul however, lately I’ve been into MOBAs too.

5.) What is your favorite anime and why?

Anntan:  My favorite Anime currently would be my latest crush Re-Zero because of my favorite character Rem as she is the best waifu! 🙂 Not only that but the plot and art style are well designed and inspiring.

6.) Any tips to the aspiring artist or someone who maybe wants to get started but doesn’t know where to begin with?

Anntan: Observation and practice are key factors to get better. Imagination is creativity! Watch tutorials and never give up! It will be hard at times and you may get sad but even if you feel like you can’t go anywhere anymore, you have to take the pen and draw! Your hardwork will pay off !

While we strongly think her art speaks for itself, her questions allow an awesome door into her creative life and her passions that drive the aforementioned creativity. It is pleasantly awesome to find an artists that is passionate about the games she plays and the characters from said titles that she draws. Frankly an artist who just draws but doesn’t feel that connection to the characters or OC that they draw feel lacking. Anntan certainly does not fit that image and she has a vividly amazing personality and love for what she does.

If you would like to follow her please consider using the following links down below to get to both her Tumblr and Twitter page. As far as commissions go, we will be adding in that information at a later time as she is currently reworking the information in order to make it an easy read for everyone. Please stay tuned for that information.

Anntan official Twitter: Click me!

Anntan official Tumblr: Click me!

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