Bayonetta, This is The Police! What’s On OGZ’s Nintendo Switch!

Beyond playing press review copies of games, I have had a busy time trying out indie titles old (and new) and also experiencing new IP’s like Bayonetta one & two. While I am no stranger to the Japanese hack-n-slash genre, t has been quite a while since I last played one. The closest comparison would have been Devil May Cry 4 on Xbox 360 back in the day, but this game is on a whole other level. I always scoffed at the series and how its main heroine sorta looked like a fool with guns on her heels. Now I am in utter admiration of her character and her charm is not to be underestimated.

This mature game is quite the turn around for family-friendly Nintendo as the company is the reason why we had a second release of the game and why we are getting a third. Nintendo saw a game that could help them grasp at their lost core audience and while it did little to help the Wii U, it sure has done wonders for Nintendo Switch adoptees like myself. It has given me a chance to correct past judgement and to try out something new and exciting for my gaming library. The games story is all over the place and I am just having a ball of a time fighting my way through angelic enemies with an otherworldly vendetta against Bayonetta. Now to say that this game is a cakewalk would make me a solid liar, the game is tough and brutally fun. So much fun that I have been playing it for a solid three days straight. That was until the police got caught up in it all….

Enter This is The Police, a comic-esque game that follows a chief of police through his twilight years in the police force. It’s up to the player to make themselves a nice nest egg for retirement, all while keeping order within a chaotic city.  I love a good indie game that makes itself at home on the Switch and this title is no exception. I love the management aspect and the ‘RNG’ nature of the mission that are presented to the player of the game. The game’s retro appeal also extends wonderfully into the music department with compositions ranging from classical overture to smooth as heck jazz.

To make the game fit in nicely with the 1970’s-80’s atmosphere, the music had to be on key for the duration of play. Everyday is started by picking out a song to start jamming to. You get a nice roster of officers and detectives and you also get to enjoy the day to day tough decision making with calls to respond to and required events to address. If you need a time-waster then this title fits nicely on any Switch owners library. Honestly looking forward to seeing if I can get lucky enough to review the second game launching later in September.

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