Upcoming DOOM Eternal Confirmed For Nintendo Switch!!

Big news my fellow Nintendo Switch owners! The new, upcoming Doom Eternal has been officially outed by the official Doom Twitter as headed to the Nintendo Switch! While this should come to us as no real surprise (thanks in large due to the efforts of Bethesda, ID Software and Panic Button for porting their titles over the system) it is still a sight to behold indeed! The best part too is that all you can see from that official Twitter post is so much love for the Switch getting this release! Now to call it a port is a bit iffy, especially if it is launching day one with the other versions. Although if Panic Button is the studio that’s working on the Nintendo Switch version it can be seen as a port still.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.49.29 PM.png

This just has me in a frenzied state as I cannot express how much I love what Panic Button has done for the Nintendo Switch by working with both Bethesda and ID Software in order to port some truly impressive games like DOOM 2016, Wolfenstein 2 and Skyrim to the system. These ports have been some of the best polished yet. Sure they aint a buttery 60FPS, but a stable 30FPS is gold any day of the week. I will consistently refer any Switch doubters to examples like these of studios that are passionate about working with Nintendo’s nifty little system. Good ports exist, you just got to be willing to put in some love and time for it all to happen.

Currently no announced release date outside of a vague 2019 time-frame. The core gameplay experience will undoubtedly be the same on all system, with the Switch receiving added gyro-controller support. Are you thinking about picking this title up when it launches next year?

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