The Nichijou Perspective

When thinking about anime, I often feel lethargic or strained. Yet when it comes to the gem that is Nichijou, a soft and fluffy slice of life that is anything but. What makes this anime so easy for me to jump into this show is just how random it is and how loose it is with it’s own barriers. Frankly it is a superb bit of animation by Kyoto Animation and one of the best ones yet. For those who enjoyed Lucky Star or K-On! this show is going to exceed expectations. It is beyond faithful to the manga’s artstyle and the story itself.

It’s comedic skits play into each other and have their own quirks. It’s like getting a show with tons of extra content added in. It goes a bit off the tracks at multiple moments and while they always aren’t the best, I still cannot wait to see the next skit that rounds the corner next; even if I have seen it twice already.

Taking all this in mind allows it, for me at least, to become a show that I can watch anytime of the year. Now the randomness in it’s skits will not please everyone’s comedy pallet, it does have it’s gems. The skits are honestly brilliant and I seriously have yet to come across another show that throws punch for punch. It’s complexity branches genre stereotyping and it often pokes fun at the larger anime community itself. Sure, shows like Pop Team Epic and Gin-Tama blast through the fourth wall, but they all just lack that comedic gold that crave. Sure I can be argued with this being a lacking anime when looking at the spansive anime that is Gin-Tama itself. That has some super solid moments with a dash of surprisingly deep moments.

Nichijou lacks much in the way of an emotional tug or a devious plot-point that drives numbers. It was even left to die until Funimation swooped in and saved it. That made fans like myself cheer for joy and I was honestly thrilled to have it on home media. It is an acquired taste, much like any other show out there. It still has a massive pool of people to draw from, which is great! It opens the door for others to hop into the series. If you love a good laugh and like to step into a whacky and loving show, then grab this show from Amazon. I can only hope that you too see the enjoyable nature from this masterpiece.

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