What Do I Think About My Nintendo Switch After One Year?!

One year ago today, I finally got my grubby, grabby hands on a Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Red set with the included Splatoon 2 & Splatoon 2 carrying case. This was an investment, as well as also being a step towards my reintroduction to the home console Nintendo ecosystem. That ecosystem was last visited in the GameCube Era and has been sorely missed. But has my time with this diverse console been all that it’s cut out to be or was my switch all for naught?

For starters the system itself is an absolute dream. It’s compact, yet powerful enough to tackle games that would be ludicrous to imagine on the console; ones even I didn’t expect. Nintendo has embraced their lost core audience and is once again taking huge strides back into the larger home console market. While I never owned a Wii or Wii U, these two systems marginalized their core audience with impressions that their system was only for the youth. This is a viewpoint that Nintendo has switched around this go-round. The Nintendo Switch is embracing titles that haven’t been seen or heard of on a Nintendo home console since the older Nintendo 64 days. Titles like DOOM or Wolfenstein are bloody, mature titles and yet they are pushed heavily by an unlikely partner, Bethesda. This turn around, this 180 is something amazing and it has me jumping back into the Nintendo family. This is Nintendo at their best and I frankly love it.

Now sure, I was quite critical upon the reveal of the unit when it first was announced. I mean, it was basically a Wii U with stupid Wii-motes. Another lousy ‘childs’ console from Nintendo. But then I looked deeper. It wasn’t a ‘child’ playing this system. It was a man my age, someone who I could relate to. The others featured in the trailer showed off my generation. The ones who grew up with GameBoy Color’s and Nintendo 64’s. That younger core audience whose parents started on the Nintendo Entertainment System or Family Computer. Sure the trailer would feature some children, but it wasn’t like the past adverts we saw from the company. That excited me beyond belief and while I feel stupid for waiting as long as I did to get mine, I feel the wait was well worth the nostalgic reward that was awaiting me.

The system also met something that I longed so much for from my departed PlayStation Vita… A true console experience on the go and at home. The Nintendo Switch’s namesake is evidence to the direction and function that this system is aiming to give you, the user. Thar first teaser was so instrumental in driving a mass-hype-train right into every game store and website around the globe. I mean, who didn’t want to buy Skyrim for the 7th billion time, but have it on the go?! It was an instant no brainer. It wasn’t until the release of Splatoon 2 that I finally decided, “Why the hell not?” So I ordered through my local GameStop and less than two weeks later it was at my door, awaiting me. One thing I feel I need to make clear, this is not going to be as graphically driven as your Xbox One S/X or PS4/Pro. It’s not here to make a statement with high-fidelity graphics and 4K HDR visuals. It’s here to compete in an ecosystem where it reigns supreme. There is nothing else like it (Game-Vice doesn’t EVEN come close) and it is surpassing all expectations that the market had for this system.

Sure I still have a PS4 Pro for games that I can only play on that system and games that frankly can’t ever run on the Switch. That’s not a bad thing at all. Sure this won’t be a console that is for everyone since graphical fidelity seems to take precedence over core gameplay mechanics and function. For those of us, almost 20 million of us, this is a system that shines brightly as an awesome quirk amongst the home console market. Now I won’t be the first to say that there haven’t been times where I haven’t touched my Switch. I have gone for weeks without playing it due to life or other gaming distractions. It’s not a criminal thing to do nor is it something that I would be particularly concerned over as everyone does this. Lately, I have made a conscious effort to make this system my daily gaming driver. It’s even become harder to find reasons, outside of needing Blu-Ray player, to keep my PS4 Pro.

Not to mention the Nintendo “Nindies” is a clear sign that many prior PS Vita developers are moving ship in-mass to the system, due to Sony officially shutter Vita support next year. This however is a great happening, as many old gems are capable of gleaming a new look on life with a much larger demographic and reach. This library list for this system grows exponentially larger with every passing week and most the games are quality! Sure there are a few rotten options here and there, but for the most part the games released are gold. While I personally have yet to reach out to a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or other accessories, I have been ultimately pleased with my two bog standard Joy-Con’s and look to add another two to my set come this Sunday or next Tuesday. They just work for what I play and I honestly have no issue with the missing directional pad or their small stature. What keep sme enthralled with the system is just the feeling of finally being home. Having a system that checks off so many of my gaming needs and wants it truly a marvel in of itself and it has me hopefully watching the future of the system.

I encourage anyone still on the fence to go out and get one. Long over are the days of woeful stock and forced GameStop bundle purchases, here are the days of stocked stores ready to sell! If you have a Nintendo Switch let me know how you feel about the console in the comment section below!

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