Jurassic World Evolution is Only ONE DAY OUT!!!

The excitement and they hype cannot be contained any longer for me. I have eagerly waited for this title to release, ever since it was unveiled at Frontier Expo 2017. This game is the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia, sprinkled with park management. For those who are unaware, the developer Frontier Developments, have been behind some of the most successful park builders to date; like Planet Coaster. Least to say this game is in good hands!

I will be of course providing a review from a copy that I purchased myself; alas no luck on a review copy… Still I am eagerly awaiting the lifted restriction on the time slot for the game, so I can hit the ground running with an impression. With that being said I have seen more than enough from gameplay and interviews to make a rough, educated outline. It is nothing that I cannot handle, but it should be noted that I would rather get a hands on, personal impression first.

The live stream will also be happening on release day, over on the official Twitch.tv channel to be preciseI will also be giving away two items to two lucky individuals watching. The first item is a Fandango 15USD off ticket admission to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The second item of interest is the complete Jurassic Park Collection on Digital HD. It consists of all four movies released so far. So I hope someone is able to enjoy one of those two items! I know I do.

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