Does Nintendo Need a 4K-HDR-60FPS Compliant Switch???

As with all things gaming there comes a point where everyone begins to think to themselves, “I really wish X would do something to support Y.” This line of thought often works its way into a performance based argument when it comes to gaming; especially regarding frame-rate. Nintendo’s massively successful Switch while not necessarily powerful, has enjoyed a relatively jubilant success. It competes within a category of gaming where it is essentially the sole supplier. Nintendo knows it cannot compete with Sony or Microsoft, so they have opted to do what they do best and that is to innovate.

Still, gamers the world over will always ponder a mark two of a beloved console. It’s almost a second nature aspect to gamers I guess. We are always looking out for the next biggest thing when it comes to home consoles. I have seen a few musings in online forums focused engagements in regards to a wishlist of future Nintendo Switch iterations. These of course range from the request of bleeding edge graphics to 4K-HDR support. The aforementioned 4k-HDR support is not a too outlandish of a concept when you think about it.

The supported resolution would of course require a bit more beefy graphics processor and cooling solution, but it doesn’t feel unreasonable. 4K-HDR has been promoted as the next best thing since 1080P. Really the monetary gain is crisper detail and a slight color bump with HDR. Its main focus however is to pull better detail from darker and lighter sections. While it would be a nice addition to have I do not think it is a direction that Nintendo is really focused on as of this current writing. I will acknowledge that in a supposed generation two release it would be pretty appealing, as of right now I don’t feel they need it.

By James Barham of The Verge
By James Barham of The Verge

Nintendo’s Switch selling point is to provide the player with an experience unlike anything else before it. While GameVice might see things differently, Nintendo provides a true console gaming experience on the go. This portability standpoint will always be the main push from the company and the only revision I can potentially see is a redesigned dock. The current dock does allow for the Switch to output a higher resolution and at times, better frame-rate. This gain could be potentially tweaked in the future to provide a potential graphics boost or more stabile frame-rate.

4K-HDR support in a beefier dock is not unforeseeable, just not something I think is supported currently. I feel like the core hardware, the unit itself, would have to be upgraded first before a redesigned dock. At least in my own opinion

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