OGZ Update: April 2018!!

Update time people! What have I been up to and what will I be up to is on the menu for today’s topic! First off, please, please take a look at how you use the internet. Using a VPN service like TunnelBear VPN is an awesome way to browse the internet in a secure and quicker manner. They have a leading class privacy policy and are one of the few companies to post an indented security/privacy audit. Plus since I am an affiliate I get a little kick back from them if you join using my links!

Now that the little advert is out of the way, boy has it been a fun month of April! I have at least two incoming game reviews and I will have a rather exciting review copy coming in from Viz Media soon. The games in question are Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch and Surviving Mars. Both games are excellent and both hail from different consoles, both are excellent titles. As far as anime is concerned, I am working on it. The burned out feeling has been dogging me for the past few months and it is seriously such a horrid feeling to have.

Smart Doll land isn’t changing much and it won’t change for quite sometime. That is not to say I won’t be featuring content, I just won’t have much new to feature. I did recently grab a few things from a recent Ikea trip, a drawer being one of those items. Now I have a dedicated Smart Doll space and that is awesome! Mean’s can actually store things properly, without having to use a cardboard box…

I promise to get around to actually recording, A: New podcast and B: Another YouTube Video. I have been slacking as of late, mostly out of personal reasons, and I hope to turn that right around. Just bear with me and all I ask is for your views and support!

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