OGZ Internet Revamp!

So in the vein of posting updates I figured I would fill you all in on something dire. Internet, it’s what fuels the social experience and it’s what fills my video creation. It is the reason why I haven’t been able to publish as often as I would like to.

The other big issue is storage. Right now I am working with a rather iffy, Inateck UBS-C external 2.5 Drive enclosure for extra storage. It gets the job done around 35% of the time as I have to fight with a bad board connector in the hopes that it will mount, if it does… With that being said I am gearing to find a better solution for managing these drives in a toaster fashion.

So to fix that issue I will be gearing up for a new goal to eventually get a solution that solves Wifi connectivity. That solution being Google’s Home Wifi while not the perfect solution is a better than nothing solution. It would be leagues better than the 7 year old Linksys E1200 router we currently have and it would stand to increase the wifi radius within the apartment.

Sure I won’t be able to achieve this without a little bit of help so I ask that you checkout my affiliate links down below and consider changing your Amazon book mark to my affiliate link! It’s pretty quick and simple, plus you’d still be able to purchase the items you were going to already! As always thank you for your support and thanks for reading!

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