The Convention Retrospective

There are reasons why conventions stand out and why they call us back every year. There is a period of enjoyment that is only tasted at conventions. This nectar, this forbidden fruit almost is something of an addicting flavor that beckons all who consume it back. This retrospective is something I have been meaning to chat about for sometime now due to the simple fact that everyone can relate. This is a universally shared feeling that can cause immense joy, woe and everything else in-between.

Conventions are like birthdays. Big celebrations where everyone is happy and enjoying everything that is anime, gaming, comics or culturally relevant. Even the bigotry, the ruffled feathers, it all adds to the melting pot experience. This act of fun, this act of engagement is just out of this world enjoyable. The Convention Retrosepctive is a term that I hold in reference to the enjoyable experiences I have had with friends and not so much the convention quality.

The quality of a convention will always be an uncontrollable variable that the con-attendee will never have control over. Too many variables can affect a convention to swing either way, but friends and casual engagements are amazingly, awesome variables. Those tiny social experiences can leave a lasting impact both positive and negative. It is how we take those experience and relate it back to a convention that dictates our enjoyment, our convention quality.

When thinking back to Naka-Kon 2018 I cannot help but showcase a gleeful smile. The people were the convention experience and it was the people that made up the convention experience. They are what makes looking back on prior conventions so enjoyable, so memorable. You get to meet familiar and unfamiliar faces in an environment where everyone can just let loose. It feels less constrained by societies norms that one can easily forget about the dull day job.

In retrospect I fully feel that is what a convention should be best for. Creating that sense of an otherworld adventure. One where you can leave all your worry behind and forget the trouble the besets you. It’s small moments like these that I think will always sit well with anyone who attends a convention. It’s just a feeling the permeates the soul and often is to blame for that lousy post-con depression; boo!

Still what is your Convention Retrospective? Surely this term can mean many things for the person that reads this post. I hope it inspires you to look back on your conventions and experience some fond remembrance of glee!

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