Smart Doll 101: Living With A SmartDoll

For those who live with Danny Choo’s Smart Doll it can be an experience that’s both enlightening or curious. For many first-timers this is an experience that can be quite daunting when trying to get the hang of operating your new Ball Jointed Doll. You don’t want to wander around like a chicken without its head, it’s just going to end badly with your doll taking the brunt of the abuse.

So what does one need to know about when operating with a Smart Doll. Well there are a few things to consider, especially with the vinyl material. The material is prone to getting stained, and while there are considerable changes in the material that help prevent stains, it still is a note worthy issue. So change the outfits up, cycle the wardrobe and spice things up. Just remember to never be afraid to try colored clothing.

Getting to know all the curves and abilities of your Smart Doll is also paramount to getting to know her or him. Ball Jointed Doll’s have superior, flexibility over their Nendoroid or Figma counterparts which lends them as a popular choice for fashion designers or photographers; like me. This is great for trying out poses or if you are shy and want a model that’s easy to work with. Cause I know some of you are a bit shy in the public speaking department. Aside form that, just knowing how your pivots and moves is key. As each and every doll is made slightly differently. Danny Choo has even stated that each doll is made with a Wabi-Sabi principle in mind, just as we are all fundamentally unique ourselves.

Now of course it won’t always be fun and games. Living with a SmartDoll also means some essence of ostracizing from friends or relatives; especially as a guy. I mean a full grown male, adult playing with dolls isn’t exactly an accepted image here in the U.S.A. While it has gotten better, it certainly still is an issue most face daily. Just remember that you should enjoy what you enjoy without repercussion. There are groups and people all across the globe who love to share in this obsession and it is great to have a community to reach out to. AnimeShutterBug being one of those individuals.

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