The Games OGZ Is Currently Playing!

A quick post for you all since this will tie into a later video that I have posting to YouTube in the coming days. I have been entirely fixated with two games as of late and I will soon be fixated on a third, but that will be for a later post.

To start this off let me just say that Far Cry 5 has exceeded my expectations and is a delightful experience. The Far Cry series has been a staple for me since the first and while it has certainly faltered; it’s still fun. This newest entry is just superbly crafted and feels good. While it is a far cry (see what I did there?) from the first game, I am still in love with it nevertheless. Far Cry 5 takes place in fictional Hope County, Montana and places you squarely in the shoes of a U.S. Marshal who is in charge of putting a quick end to John Seed’s radical cult, Eden’s Gate. Of course nothing goes as planned and you are thusly pushed into single handedly crashing the operation.

The games open world feels smaller than Far Cry 4, but what it lacks for in size it make sup with density. The world is just packed with goodies at every turn and I quite like this. It makes the game much grander in scale and you can easily dump hours into just one of the three sectors. This game has easily taken most of my gaming hours and I am okay with that!

The second title that I have been spending countless hours on is Suriving Mars. This quaint title is a pure and simple one: Make a self-sustaining colony on Mars. This game has no combat, no wars, just you army of drones and colonist trying to scratch out a new life on the red planet. It doesn’t need war to be tense as the environment itself and over-expansion can lead to a quick demise of your fledgling society. Meteor showers could spell disaster for a tight colony, destroying oxygen machines and power sources alike.

I’m a sucker for games published by Paradox and they never seem to disappoint with their Macro and Micro focused societal games. It is fun to create something from nothing in the hopes that it will thrive; or die. All of these games can be enjoyed on a PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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