Doll Delights Has Some LOVELY New Items!

Big news everyone, AnimeShutterBug has finally dropped some amazing, new clothes! This is of course in reference for SmartDoll & Dollfie Dream owners who are looking to spice up their closets and just for new outfits all together. This post will showcase a few of my personal selections that I either own, like or plan to own down the road.

For starters let me start with the items that I already own. The Swimsuit Succubus Set was one of the first purchases I made for Ota Kamiya and it is a rocking swimsuit that looks good on anyone. With it’s red accent, black and white stripping it is sure to turn some heads. It brings the feeling of a late Spring or early Summer vibe, even though Spring sorta feels like winter still…

The second outfit I can recommend is the Turtleneck Sweater which I can personally attest to loving. AnimeShutterBug even featured one of my images for use on the site; Wow! The quality of the sweater is good and it honestly makes my SmartDoll look cozy with warmth. Plus it fits any bust size for your doll in question. Then again, AnimeShutterBug goes out of his way to ensure his outfits are roomy enough for any doll.

The third and more recent outfit is the School Girl Uniform Set which, minus the shoes, is full featured. It comes with the button up blouse, bow, blazer, skirt, pants and over the knee socks. All for just 65USD. Compare that to just the skirt, blouse and bow from Danny Choo and that comes in at around 140USD, not counting shipping. While I physically do not own one, yet, I can say from what I have seen in pictures this set looks solid and quality. Currently comes in blue and red skirt options. Supplies on this one will be pretty limited initially.

The fourth item is an equally limited undergarment set, The Floral Lingerie Set. It has a cute look that looks great on any Ball Jointed Doll and even has an adjustable bra strap. Which is pretty great for SmartDoll or Dollfie Dream owners with differing bust sizes. From what I have personally been told is that this set, along with the Hello Kitty one will be a pretty limited run, so grab them while you can!

The fifth item is the adorable Kawaii Sailor Girl Set and this also screams amazing quality! The blue-is green is a personal favorite of mine and I am hotly considering a purchase on this set in the near future. It just has a summer, seaside charm about it. Ship girls anyone?

Lastly we have an adorable Pink Darling Hoodie that I am sure Zero Two would immediately approve of. There really isn’t anything too special about this one, other than the price point and the fact that it looks quality as heck. While you get name brand quality from Danny Choo, you still manage to swing out a home run with DollDelights own inventory. So consider swinging by his store and buying one of these awesome gems! I have a dedicated page just for his site and I hope you all consider giving it a look!

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