First Impressions: Far Cry 5

The first impression is often the one that we walk away with when engaging with something new and foreign. It’s what helps define our interest, our engagement or even our future curiosity. If you go to a brand new ramen shop and find they over charge and serve pretty, ‘meh’ ramen; you won’t go back. Far Cry 5 has boldly taken the bar set by the prior entries and raised it, at least in my opinion.

The game tosses out the fanciful feel of the latter titles, being set in rural Montana gives the series a cemented reality. No I don’t mean to say that the previous titles were fantasy based. It was all about the locales, take Far Cry 4’s setting in the Himilaya’s as an example. It is often portrayed as mysterious, ancient and almost magical. It is so far out of touch for many of us that it doesn’t feel as real. The same can be said for anyone playing game set in another country, it just doesn’t feel real. This setting however, is one that most United States citizens can vaguely relate with. We’ve all seen the small, rural communities, heck some of you might live in one!

This grounded reality bleeds into the game and permeates the ground in such a way that I find myself strongly attracted to this entry. While I have yet to trounce through a majority of the game, the first few hours have been nothing short of enjoyable. What I hope to find as I dig deeper into the game is something that just soars above the rest. My full review will be coming later and my accompanying review video will launch later.

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