My One Year With Nikon D5500!

While this post is coming to you all in a fashionably late Otaku Gamer Zone fashion, allow me to convey my feelings and thoughts. This post is going to be all about my time and experience with Nikon’s D5500 DSLR and the accessories I have purchased for it thus far. First a foremost, a massive shoutout to all of you amazing donators who help keep OGZ caffinated. You all rock and are what make doing this all the more possible.

Firstly for those wondering, yes I absolutely adore my Nikon D5500. It was a rough time deciding on what camera I was actually going to get. I originally jumped in on the Nikon D3300, but I was quickly swayed towards the previously mentioned, D5500. The reasoning was born out of necessity for a screen that could flip out for easy video recording and low angle shots. While my video skills are entirely rusty, the accompany video for this post will vouch for that lacking skill, I still have had a blast with this camera and it has proven to be a sound investment.

The images I can pull from this camera are beautiful and it defiantly has managed to take a few head turning images for my cosplay photography. Nikon cameras have always taken sharp and amazing images from my experience in using them. Sure some of you may have had better luck with another brand, but for me it has got to be my Nikon and nothing else. Now I know that filming with a Nikon is not something many individuals enthuse over, but I find it to be quite hassle free and enjoyable. Pair that with a superb Rode Videomic Go and you have one crispy audio sound. All of Otaku Gamer Zone’s YouTube Videos (unless noted) are filmed using the Rode Videomic Go for audio capture; pretty good!

Now video was not a motivator in my decision to buy; pure and simple. It wasn’t even on the radar for me until I realized that I had that opportunity to do so. Images where always at the front seat when I was debating on what camera to buy. Now I have only one other lens, aside from the kit 18-55mm. The 50-200mm is no slouch and does an amazing job at being a competent zoom lens. I’m not going to be able to spot an airplane with immense detail or take amazing moon photos, but I feel it does the job just nicely. While it may not be used as much as I would like, it feels lacking to not at least have one handy for just the occasion.

While I am happy to also have an camera bag for my equipment, I wish it was a bit more cozy and less squeaky. It fits everything I have and would want to carry with plenty of room; just wished it fit an Apple MacBook Pro. It was free so I can’t really complain about that and I should at least run it until it drops. The only other addition to my year long experience has been my utterly awesome, Manfrotto Action Tripod With Pistol Grip. It’s smooth, build like a beast and just perfect for what I need and want. Noting much to say here, just an all-round beautiful addition to any photographers experience.

So rounding this post out, yes I have adored and enjoyed my one year with my Nikon D5500. It’s a solid performer and I would highly encourage anyone considering a DSLR to gravitate towards this camera as an option for purchase.

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