Let’s Talk Anime Music: Impactful Performances

Bringing this post series back, because face it… I LOVE MUSIC. Especially good music in an anime. An anime can be both boosted and saved through music alone. It can breach language barriers and it can forcefully pull emotions from a captive audience. A scene can be completed so wholesomely by a simple, melodic addition. Composed music is one of my deepest, guilty pleasures and I have the phenomenal John Williams to thank for my love of traditional compositions. No fancy EDM, no hard rock… just pure and unadulterated orchestra. Tonight I want to share with you all a selection of songs that I find truly inspiring and quite frankly, deep.

A Sword In Your Soul composed by Masakatsu Takagi, The Boy and The Beast. Okay, I legit cried at this very moment in the film. Everything led up to this one moment, this one brief spark of glory and thrill. While I know not many of you have seen the film I will refrain from any spoiler posting, just know that this composition speaks levels and depth for the genius that is Masakatsu Takagi.

Crisis In The North by Akira Senju, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Piano, Violin and drums, a few of the many instruments that went into this piece for the beautiful show, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This anime has one of the most orchestral pieces that I have ever encountered in an anime to date. This is and will always be an anime that showed me just how powerful music can be to a scene, to an entire series. It defined epic anime and it has helped me to develop an unhealthy obsession for this anime.

Moonlit Night by Kotaro Tanaka, Death Parade. I’m all to big on piano, but piano done massively well is what this composition demonstrates. It’s so somber, so peaceful and yet it full of emotion in the latter part of the anime. This anime’s ending had me fighting the urge to shed tears and this song is so beautifully orchestrated. If you haven’t watched or listened to this scene/piece, please remedy that now.

Ame Iro Rendo by Yukari Hashimoto, Toradora. This… This hauntingly beautiful song is one that is always burned into my mind. The utter emotion that is just exhibited, the anguish, the regret of emotions never acted upon until late. Toradora was an anime that was an experience unlike any other for me and my first foray into the rom-com outside of Chobits

A Journey by Joe Hisaishi, The Wind Rises. Okay I have to end this post with some love to the insanely talented, Joe Hisaishi. I never got to watch the ‘last Miyazaki’ film in theaters. Getting it on blu-ray for me was a ride to say in the least. I had watched every Miyazaki film up until that point. A Journey by Joe Hisaishi is a compilation of a childhood fascination that started in the seventh grade with a small movie titled, Spirited Away. If you stick around to the 3:15 part, you can hear a touching addition from the aforementioned film.

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Anime Music: Impactful Performances

  1. Ughh so much YES to all of these! People don’t talk much about Boy and the Beast anymore, so it’s nice to hear it from you!


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