Show’s Don’t Need Complexity to Be Any Good.

What if I told you you can watch a show, right now, over on Crunchyroll and VRV about a group of girls who love to wander around Japan and just camp. There is nothing more to it than that really, just a simple show about simple girls who enjoy camping. There’s no panties to chase, no monster to slay nor an ancient curse to cease. It’s just pure and simplistic love for the pure and simple things in life. We often find ourselves seated in deep, meaningful conversation in regards to why this show is so much better than this show. In moments such as these we often find ourselves falling back to the complex nature that the show has to tote as it’s trump card.

But some shows don’t need that trump card, they don’t need that complexity. Having a show that one can find themselves invested in without any prior need for a complex backstory or character building session is great. The show becomes homely and warming in its own way. Now sure, you will always have some level of complexity that is woven into a show out of pure necessity. Maybe that necessity is a character’s backstory as to why they are who they are. That is just something that cannot be avoided and it often presents itself as entirely necessary. Removing something that is critical to a stories development and pacing can often lead to less than savory results.

However it is not the end of the world if a show lacks that complexity. Sure it might not be the most enjoyable show or it might even be utter garbage, but it will still appeal to someone. Yurucamp (Laid Back Camp) is a show that is purely and simply lacking in complexity and finds its core in that of camping. Of course there is a story to the show, there is some essence of character building and backstory, but beyond those mentioned it doesn’t have much more. That is what I genuinely adore about this series and what I find most soothing about it.

This lack of complexity means I don’t need to feel stressed about every little detail that comes into play. It is there to be enjoyed, one savory bite size at a time. What are some of the more, less complex anime titles that you all enjoy? Feel free to let me know down in the comment section below!

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