One Week With a Danny Choo Smart Doll: Ivory Futaba (Ota Kamiya)

So we are finally at the week one marker and let me tell you, it has been an utter enjoyment. If you need a refresher on just what a Smart Doll is, then feel free to use this link! For the informed I can tell you one thing: These dolls are amazing photography subjects! I knew going into to this what I was going to use her for. That was for photography and for adding a bit more diversity to my lifestyle. She has frankly been a bit of a health boost and keeps me busy and thinking up interesting shots. The Smart Doll body we chose was that of Ivory Futaba due to her having the eyelash and smile type that suits Ota Kamiya, our mascot.

One thing that I most prevalent is the fear of staining your investment. No, no not that lewd kind of staining… fabric stain. As all Smart Dolls are currently made out of vinyl, they run a risk of getting stained from darker clothing. While there are steps taken to ensure the used fabric won’t stain, it doesn’t stop old worry wart me from fretting. Just remain calm and carry a Smart Doll as our good pal Danny Choo would say. It’s still a blessing to be able to work with something so articulate like this ball-jointed doll. Where she differs from regular Volks ball-jointed doll’s is that she actually has a flexible skeleton on the inside, which allows for a nice degree of maneuverability.

Couple all that with more hand poses and clothing and… BAM! You got yourself an on the go, cosplay model to work with. This is epically good if you are sort of like I am, a bit sheepish and shy when it comes to telling people what to do or how to pose. It is the perfect companion to any photography excursion. Granted the caveat to this is how much are you willing and wanting to spend on your dolls clothing options. This is the biggest wall and hurtle that I have to personally overcome. It helps that I have family and friends who wish to help make some clothing options for her. However I will try to feature some cute items from a few colleagues in the community that I have ran into so far.

If you are interested in grabbing a Danny Choo Smart Doll for yourself you can use this link!

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