OGZ Update: Funding Goal Almost Done & New Video Content!!

Today has been a whirlwind of work and progress that I have been lacking for quite a while,. But fret not! For I have returned with some semblance of video content and podcasts, cause we all love podcast. So with today comes some uber amazing news. I am officially funded for our Danny Choo Smart Doll and I am only 100USD short of being funded for some clothing for our doll! This is such an exciting moment and time for me! Couldn’t be more happier and thankful for the outpouring of love and support. All the shares and social media links have helped and I just need one more, tiny push to get me home!

Beyond the funding news we are updating our official Ko-Fi page with a brand new video! You can actually watch it right here if you wish or you can catch it on our Ko-Fi page. This video will be updated to convey a better sense of relevance as we go, but for now it will suffice. The video is around 4 minutes long and is pretty much just me rambling on, explaining why we are using Ko-Fi over things like Patreon. For one I feel uncomfortable using it, no idea why I just do.

Lastly for todays agenda is the fact that we have a new podcast! Which again you can watch right here in the embedded player or on our official YouTube Channel. This again talks about our Smart Doll, Naka-Kon, Anime and a few games, so you all have something to enjoy. I did do this live over on my official Discord Community and I think it was pretty good. They community seemed to like it, the whopping two people that listened. SO expect to see that roll right around when we gear up for our next podcast.

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