Shifting Otaku Gamer Zone’s Focus: Photography Heavy, Less Reviews!

So I felt like I needed to have this conversation, as it has been a while coming but I am changing Otaku Gamer Zone’s focus and priorities. The focus for me personally has always been to provide content that I find engaging and that I feel can be relevant to you, the reader. I know personally that I lack the stamina to do an episode by episode anime review and I lack the stamina to review every anime released during a season. Anime will always remain a focal point for the blog, but it will get out shown by our focus on figure and Smart Doll photography. It has been steadily changing and I frankly find much more joy doing photography than I do watching a show.

That being said I will still make it an effort to watch anime when it airs and when it tickles my fancy. Photography will take a much larger focus on the blog, due to the fact that I will be purchasing, very soon, a Danny Choo Smart Doll. This is something I’ve been stewing on for three years and I have finally decided to make a move on it. I am hoping that it is something you all find interesting and I hope it can also attract a few fashion and figure minded individuals. Beyond that primary change you can still expect to see all manner of gaming review and chats pop up every now and then. It’s a dwindling focus for me, but I still love a good game and will gladly chat a topic up. The games themselves may not be entirely anime-inspired or related. Just ones that I fancy like Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

YouTube and will be pushes by me to just engage back with you all! I have been streaming Monster Hunter World lately and have enjoyed the random one or two conversations that I have had through that platform. All the shares, support and views matter and mean the world over to me. I will try to evolve my channel around the photography and Smart Doll focus more, so just be prepared for that little shift. I will also try my best to work on revamping our featured creators page. I will drop and adjust where needed, on top of adding in fresh and new faces that I feel you should support and check out. Smart Doll related creators will of course be among some of the newer faces, so be on the look out!

This really does it for me here. I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what to expect change-wise. This is some pre-spring cleaning that I have needed to get a start on sooner rather than later. I appreciate the continued support, engagement and love that you all share. Thank you for making our Discord Chat successful and growing in popularity! It is fun to engage with good friends, new and old. I hope you all again look forward to the upcoming content that we have planned for you all to enjoy and engage with.

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