So What In The World Is a Smart Doll!?!? v2

Last year I dabbled in discussion as to what a Danny Choo Smart Doll was. Frankly speaking I feel like I can do a much better job at providing a descriptor for what these dolls represent for the community and for the individual. To start us off, Smart Doll’s are a form of Ball-Jointed Dolls that offer anime inspired looks and supreme pose-ability. They are a fashion statement, an artists friend or they can simply be an addition to a growing collection/interest. They are pricey, standing at about 550-630USD but they represent and investment towards ones goal and purpose; whatever that may be.

For the fashion minded This doll acts as both a model and base from which you can experiment with clothing types and ideas before you implement them on a large scale basis. It’s is a resource that fashion classes can tap into and it is a way for the cosplay creators to work on something to see how practical a costume design may be. The use alone in a fashion sense is enough that anyone who is hand with a sewing machine can respect and appreciate. I have personally seen from Danny Choo’s own Twitter and Instagram accounts that his own Mirai Smart Doll accompanies him everywhere he goes and is always dressed for the occasion. She is both a fashion statement for his brand and a source of further inspiration.

For the anime enthusiast and otaku elite among us, I give you a figure that can cosplay any character you desire. This is the ability of the Danny Choo Smart Doll and its one from which they have established several collaborations. This ability to personalize a Smart Doll is what makes them so massively popular. They can be whoever you want them to be and that is a factor I add in when looking to bring our mascot, Ota Kamiya to life. This is something that resonates with me so much. Being able to have a figure that is not limited to a few faces or outfits is something that just feels so much better.

However this is still a category that is relatively niche and sort of looked down on. I mean they have Doll in the namesake so it unfortunately gives the wrong impression. Instead I feel we, as a community, should strive to show what they can be. They can be more than a doll, which is often seen as a child’s plaything. This is something that can actually add to someones career or someones budding photography business; maybe it can help with mental struggles too. Just open the door and figure out what you are able to do with it. Smart Doll by Danny Choo can of coursed be purchased through his main website, as well as a few pop-up stores that take place in conventions.

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