OGZ Funding Update: 24% Funded & Starting Up The Dream!

Wow, I never thought I’d see that 24% nor would I estimate where I would be with this goal, by this timeframe. Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out so far and for the continued support you all offer. I am that much closer to getting my dream started. Having a physical representation of my mascot, Ota Kamiya, is nothing short of amazing and fantastic. It opens up some fun photography shoots and great figure photography options. The posing is insane and the type of content is unlimited.

The Infinity Smart Doll that will be Ota’s Base. She’s perfect since she actually has freckles. 

Starting today I have begun looking into getting the meat of the customized Smart Doll ordered. This of course starts with a proper bust size for our curvy Ota and her proper eye color. The base of her build, the Infinity Smart Doll, does not have a defined release date, only an obscure first half of 2018 reference from CEO Danny Choo himself. All I can hope is that means we could see a March time release as that would make my birthday month the best month on record; just saying. Practically I feel confident in my choice to jump on the ordering of specific parts. It gives me some semblance of tangibility with this lofty goal of mine and will hopefully give me better motivation for self-funded goals.

I will more than likely keep them aside for the main unboxing, when the actual doll arrives. I will however open the box that they come in just for inspection purposes. Have to make sure the investments are secure and damage free. This also gives me a chance at seeing just how quick I can anticipate the doll arriving when I do place the order. Again big thanks to all of our donators in helping Otaku Gamer Zone and myself achieve this lofty ambition. I hope to keep on making content that is worthy of the attention and praise you direct towards me.

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