Naka-Kon 2018 Is Almost One Month Away!

We are in the home stretch for the upcoming convention season! Naka-Kon 2018 is fast on its way and I am over the moon with the upcoming plans and meet ups. The biggest aspect of this convention will be collaborations and more photoshoots. This upsurge of content has forced me to start a list of organized photoshoots. Due to the fact that we will try to hit up all the Funimation panels this year it will be best to go in with some sort of game plan.

As it stands I’ve had over five expressed photoshoot requests and I expect potentially more from a few casual, acquaintances. This is both awesome and frankly, quite stressing. Having to account for multiple things is just a bit much, but I appreciate the chance and opportunity. I’m not sure if I will try to vlog during this convention due to the ludicrous amount of projects I have lined up so I am hoping that I can find out something to balance it all out.

If any of you readers are going to be present there, I do not mind meeting up to chat and say hello to everyone. I believe that fan favorite Takuto will of course be present for this years convention too. Of course the best laid plans are often the ones that end up being displaced and jumbled around, so I shall endeavor to up date you all with the game plan. I hope to make this years Naka-Kon one to remember and one that stands as a shining achievement for Otaku Gamer Zone.

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