No Video Content and Mercy Nerfed Beyond Usability?!

Hey everyone, Kausus here with another update. So as most of you have spotted, I have not uploaded a normal video in quite a while. That’s because I honestly don’t have any content that I can make. I’ve only gotten one new product in for review and I still have to get around to finishing that. I don’t know when I will be able to feature another unboxing or video game review. I have toyed with the idea to do another photography based video or maybe a video talking about something Overwatch related.

Speaking of Overwatch related news the nerf for both Mercy and Junkrat has finally landed, with most players feeling the hammer hitting hardest on Mercy. The issue came from her Valkryie ultimate giving her a refresh on her revive ability, making it unfair. This feedback is mainly due to those lucky headshot kills or team kills that took a team much time to get, only to have a mercy pop her ultimate and revive multiple people in quick succession. Not to mention her ultimate gave her a heavy speed advantage, which this nerf addresses as well.

Does this make her a beyond usable character? Not in the slightest. If anything it encourages smarter plays and quicker thinking when using her revive ability. Her ultimate now pushes her to actually survey the battlefield and quickly address damage and healing. It makes players focus on providing a clutch revive and helping to push an offense. I can say as a Mercy Support Main that I think she still plays massively well and she is far from being a dead support.

The Junkrat nerf was in regards to the damage radius of his concussion mines. The damage fall off from the center is greater and requires a more skillful throw.

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1 thought on “No Video Content and Mercy Nerfed Beyond Usability?!

  1. I’m a Mercy main too! I got used to the instant resurrect so I was a bit taken aback now that there’s a delay to Valkyrie rez, but from the opposing end it is definitely a needed opportunity for counter. It would be nice if they didn’t decrease the time though… my reflexes are a tad slow :p


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