The Anime You Like Is Garbage And That Is Okay

We live in a world where we pride ourselves in being able to freely speak openly about items of interest. This often involves shows, movies or sports teams and why we support or love the ones we do. Anime is no exception to this rule and it can reach some pretty volatile levels. Anime has a layering of many genres that help to make up a larger cake. This cake is delicious, but it also has its bad spots. Areas where the batter didn’t fully cook and yet some individuals still like it.

Just because you like a certain aspect of an anime you are watching, that doesn’t make it good. Honestly the shows we all love are garbage and that is okay. What one loves another will surely detest and both sides are not without support. The more we understand that our anime is not the delicious slice of cake that we think it is, the better it opens our eyes to seeing its faults. I love Studio TRIGGER’s Kill la Kill and I think it is honest to God, gold. This doesn’t make it a gold-standard as many individuals find the anime too showy or too peculiar to get interested in. They open up beautiful counter arguments about whimsically flaunting ones skin openly and it is a good argument. Not everyone will enjoy an anime about half naked girls fighting with swords.

To them the show could fully be considered garbage. Not the delicious, layered cake you see it as. You might get upset, scorned even, but you have to remember that it’s okay for others to hate it. It allows you to build up an understanding of why they may hate it. It allows you to accept the anime for all that it is. Sure you may also find yourself in the opposite camp like I was when I criticized the anime Eromanga Sensei. I didn’t enjoy it due to the over-sexualized portrayal of under age characters and yet, there are individuals out there who love it beyond that aspect. While this is a darker topic for future discussion, I will say that Eromanga Sensei has some fantastic art direction and that stands as a redeeming factor.

However to fully defend an anime to the point of attacking another individual for their own opinion is contradictory. Failing to understand that the anime you religiously stand by is anything less than gold is just hypocritical of an open minded, individual. Appreciating any artistic medium means you must also accept it as it is and also what it lacks. I personally love shows that a majority of people detest. Moe is a genre of cutesy anime that is mostly sunshine and rainbows, but it is a disliked genre by a wide majority of anime enthusiasts. That’s okay and I relish in understanding why many can hate it. It gives me a deeper appreciation for the medium.

Just because someone thinks your anime is garbage, don’t treat it like a direct insult on your fandom or self. It can be pushed rudely yes, but not everyone is out to get you and your interest. Some of us just have more critical opinions of the shows we like and dislike. If any of you love a show, but find that most loathe it feel free to let me know in the comments section down below! I know for myself I just think that Dragonball Z is beyond gaudy and tastefully lacking, but that is just a small opinion dwarfed by a larger appreciation and that’s okay.

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4 thoughts on “The Anime You Like Is Garbage And That Is Okay

  1. My all time favorite right now is Kuroko no basuke because I love basketball. But I think it has some holes on its plot and the moves are not applicable for real people. But still, I love it.

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    1. Always good to love something that is beautifully amazing ❤


  2. I don’t have a favourite manga but if I had to choose it might be Bakuman. I can’t even remember half the manga series ice read

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