Anime Without Fan Service: IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?

We live in a day and age where it feels like every anime we watch or engage with is riddled with fan service. This method is often employed in anime to drive fan engagement and is often used as a ‘reward’ incentive for loyal fans. It can be done quite tastefully or it can be done in a… less than tasteful way. This method of fan retention and product sales pushing has left a divide within the community and I can speak for myself when I say that I do enjoy fan service, but I believe it should not be pushed onto certain anime that don’t need it; period.

Shows like Non Non Biyori have needless fan service shoved into our faces. It makes you feel like the anime sold its soul for some petty gain from fans. It is just something that can make ones skin crawl or causes one to feel dirty. Shows like Kill la Kill are not shy from showing us how tasteful fan service can be, while also holding a certain cringe factor about it. It does what it does best and that is to be a show about half-naked ladies fighting. Pure and simple fan service at its core. Yet not all shows require fan service to be good, to be viewable.

Take the anime Laid-Back Camp (Yurucamp from here on out) as an example of anime without fan service. This delightful and dreamy anime runs on the fuel that is young high school aged girls having a swell time camping. While this is a new anime and it has time to rear its ugly head, I feel that fan service will be something that is lacking from this title and thats okay. It is a show that rides on the power of moe and it is a terribly awesome power. The ability to make fans fall in love with a character due to cuteness and personality is more than enough to make up for bare breasts and legs.

Other shows like Nichijou while over the top with its humor and character who draws yaoi the actual main cast doesn’t do anything risqué. They just live out their ‘normal’ lives with comedic fashion. Fan service is always in the back of the shows mind and that of the actual viewers. These two anime serve as simple examples of shows that do so well to not rely on fan service to fuel and keep their fan base invested. Shows with quality characters and story should never feel the need to insert fan service when it is absolutely not required. Turning a wonderful show into something needlessly smutty is always a quick way to angering fans.

Now of course this is but my humble opinion and I would enjoy hearing what you all have to say about this. Are you an individual who doesn’t really care one way or the other? Does having no fan service in a show make you a happy camper? Feel free to let me know down in the comments section below.

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16 thoughts on “Anime Without Fan Service: IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?

  1. I hate fanservice just for the sake of fanservice. Although series like Negima did an excellent job of fooling everyone that it was just going to be “Harem Potter”. But stuff like the manga Akame ga Kill! Zero… ugh, waaaay, waaaay, waaaaaay too much time spent on trying to titillate readers.

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    1. Exactly, it can be just purely disgusting and down right poor in it’s execution.

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  2. I don’t mind fanservice but there’s a limit I can tolerate. Unlike Kill la Jill, if anime did something that made fans jump out of the chair, nothing ecchi but something that every can appreciate, then I call it fanservice. Still, there’s a limit I can take.

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    1. Well all have those soft or hard limits that we reach when we are engaging with content that we love dearly.


      1. Yeah I agree. I enjoyed reading this, it’s interesting, and I don’t think about it as much, but now I am.

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      2. It’s an interesting topic when you look at it. I challenge you to watch some anime.and think about how much fan service is actually present in the medium. Trust me when I say you’ll be surprised just how often it crops up.

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      3. That’s an interesting challenge I bet it won’t be easy because most fans do experience some sort of fanservice in their shows.

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  3. I agree. There are times when it is acceptable but it is quite annoying when it is used more a s a novelty

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  4. There are some shows that could have been really good, but were ruined by fanservice. Highschool of the Dead is a perfect example of this. It can be acceptable at times, when it’s done in a very innocent kind of way, but most of the time it’s just annoying, and you wonder, why bother.

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  5. It often feels shoe horned in to me, which I find really jarring. The age of the characters that are the subject of it can be a real deal breaker for me too.
    That being said, it doesn’t have to ruin a show completely. It really does come down to a combo of presentation, and whether a show is overloaded with it for me.
    Series without fan service … I rarely come across them. It’s a positive when I do, largely because it means that it’s not just trying to squeeze it in, but whether I enjoy said show would come down the quality of the show itself more than anything.

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  6. Not a big fanservice fan personally, at least not this kind. References and that sort of thing is more my speed.

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    1. Did you say references??? – Every JoJo’s fan ever

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      1. Is that a mother-fucking JoJo reference?!?

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      2. Yes it is!

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  7. Tsuki ga Kirei is another great example tbh.

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