OGZ Funding Update: 15% Funded and Going!

That time again ladies and gents! We are officially 15% funded towards our goal for Smart Doll Photography! This is an awesome milestone and one that I only hope to see climb, higher and higher. Thank you to the fine gents that are Beatslars and Jon for the superb donations! Those funds go right into our OGZ fund for projects and upkeep; mostly projects. I just want to say thank you those two for being amazing and supporting the silly dream that I have.

I cannot stress how much this means and if you all want to see our photography work then feel free to look up Otaku Gamer Zone on Instagram. We try to actively post each and everyday so you have a variety to choose from. Figure photography has been quite fun and I look forward to seeing what I am able to produce with a Smart Doll by Danny Choo. Right now it is all fuzzy details, but the goal is to make Ota Kamiya a realized dream with this doll.

As always links will be down below. I just recently did a photoshoot for Chitoge Kirasaki from Nisekoi. Her Nendoroid is so adorable and cute that it was hard to resist making her look cute. After the pictures I’ve taken have been out then I will move onto our last two Nendoroids.

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