Laid-Back Camp is Delightfully Nostalgic!

When I was a wee-bit younger and when I was still dwelling in the state of California, every summer my family would go camping. It was always for like a weeks time, but it felt like a month. Our time nestled in the woods and hills of central-coast California would be remembered by campfire nights under the cover of the stars to the distant sound of crashing waves. The smell of pine trees permitted my nostrils and always gave me a fond appreciation for nature hikes. This anime perfectly embodies everything I love and miss about camping, plus some of the added frustrations. Like finding the perfect spot or dealing with a sudden cold snap.

Laid-Back Camp from Studio C-Station is a direct from manga to anime adaption that seeks to capture that magical essence around camping. Let me spoil one thing about this show for you… It perfectly captures the camping mood. While I won’t pry into episode by episode details The show does follow four high school friends as they all share in the love for camping and the outdoors. There really isn’t much else to this blissful, slice fo life animation. It is a beautiful depiction of what it is like to camp, albeit in a Japanese fashion.

Camping is a universal hobby that remains relatively the same. You have scenic areas to spend a day, week or maybe month at to enjoy all that nature has to offer. It can open your eyes to the more simpler things in life and allows you a chance to reconnect with our roots. This is exactly what our blue-haired Rin feels when she is enjoying some of her solo-camping. The simple peace of the outdoors is something that is marvelous and something that this anime captures perfectly.

I would be a total liar if I didn’t say that I am utterly enjoying an anime about camping. It is just one of those odd moments where you have to double take and then you realize that it is really true. It took no time for me to instantly fall in love with the art direction that this show takes. The almost surreal backdrops with the dusting of anime characters populating the scene just fits so beautifully. Sure there are some cases where it feels a bit out of place, but beyond that the anime is just a artful adventure. It never failed to amaze me with it landscape backdrops and even the school setting feels fitting and equally beautiful.

Where Laid-Back Camp finds its footing is also in its own melodic score. The musical atmosphere just promotes pure bliss and serenity within the outdoor environments that are dotted around Mount Fuji-san. The opening skit is a delightful song Shiny Days by Asaka is just the perfect fit to this atmosphere. It oozes its spiritual essence into the very fiber of this anime and helps to lift it up to a solid 11 out of 10. You could do worse for music in anime and this show does not disappoint at all.

Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) can be enjoyed over on Crunchyroll or Watch VRV. I again lack any information in regards to a series run, but I can guess that we will see a 12 episode run of this anime.

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