As A Gamer: Does It Matter What System I Play On?

We always find ourselves on the receiving end of an seemingly, unanswerable question: What system do I play on? Really there is no simple answer to this predicament we find ourselves in and many of us generally have one or more systems. We flip flop between them all and yet under it, we always end up going back to one over the rest. The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of games do you enjoy? Each console, while holding similar games, will have an exclusives list all their own.

For me a Sony PlayStation system fits the category of JRPG juggernaut and story driven games bracket. I’m not here to say what system has the better story driven titles, this is just purely formed out of my own opinion. I loved my original Xbox and Xbox 360, but the forbidden fruit that was a PlayStation was too hard to resist. The best part was that I needed up really loving it. I couldn’t find myself in a more comfortable environment than where I was with my PS3 and PS4.

Also I really love Nintendo’s Switch for its versatility and portable nature. It really meets the best of both worlds. While it lacks more mainstream titles like Overwatch. It still is a solid performer and one that I find myself drawn mores towards. No one system is ever going to fully give you the experience that you want. There is always going to be give and take with any system. PC’s are pricey, but give you so much in terms of controls and graphical fidelity. There is a reason why we see a Pro league in Overwatch for PC. That is solely based on the fact that a keyboard and mouse is just better for shooter games.

They give you fine tuned gestures that a controller just fails to give. It can get close, but not that close. Then again with a PC you lack some of the exclusive titles that you might get on a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo platform. I really wish I could say one way was the best, but none of them are the best. Each one will have an achillies heel of some sort that drives you away from it and towards another system. What one gives another takes and the cycle will always repeat itself. Sure there are times where I wish I could jump into PC Overwatch over the console version, but at the same time I enjoy the challenge of bettering myself.

Take into account what you want out of a system. Do you prefer mobility, graphical prowess or an impressive library? Surely there is a system out there that can get you there. Does it matter that you play on the master race system or does it matter that you have a mobile, transforming console? To be honest it really doesn’t matter; not one bit. Having fun is the only thing that should ever matter when it comes to gaming. Learn to love the culture that you are in, learn to love the system that you play on.

If you find you enjoy more Japanese titles then you might want to look into a Sony PlayStation or even a Nintendo Switch. Each caters to a Japanese home base and as such we get to reap the benefit. Prefer the multimedia powerhouse that works well with you Windows PC? An Xbox One of some sort will work very well with what you do. Just think about what you want and need then decide on which system matters most to you. You may just end up discovering that it really might not matter as much as you think it does.

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1 thought on “As A Gamer: Does It Matter What System I Play On?

  1. My personal favorite has always been Nintendo–I must have my Zelda, after all. Between Sony and Microsoft, I will always lean towards Sony, as I believe they offer a wider variety of experiences (like lots and lots of JRPGs, as you’ve mentioned). Specs are something I really could not care less about, provided that all systems compete within a certain range of capability. Last, PCs have become more and more enticing as an addition to console–enough so that I am currently in the process of saving up for one!

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