To Binge Or To Simulcast?

We all run into this dilemma every now and then, and it rears its ugly head when we least expect it. The dilemma I speak of is to either Binge watch or Simulcast watch. Both are attractive and both offer schedule flexibility. For myself it has been the recent Studio TRIGGER and A1 Pictures, DARLING in The FRANXX animation that’s been driving me insane. Sure I have already invested time in the first two episodes and I don’t see myself stopping to allow a buffer between episodes. I just want to consume the show as it airs so the Simulcast nature is something that I find myself drawn to.

Now take older shows or series that don’t really interest me like Pop Team Epic or Umaru-Chan R I’d much rather enjoy them from a binge standpoint. This allows me to better collect my thoughts on the show and it doesn’t leave me with a constant wanting for newer episodes. Now this of course has the gutted feeling associated with it. That feeling of not knowing what to do next after you have binged all the episodes of the season. There is now build up to a finale; it just stops. Nothing hurts more than finding a series you really enjoy and binge watching it, only to have it end.

The more I write about this topic, it has me calling back to my older streaming habits. They were a varied mix of binge and simulcast, much like I am experiencing now. Of course there is no one perfect or right way to watch a show. It really is an item that changes around your personal availability. You can watch it all when you have the time or you can work in day of release watch time. It is all about the flexibility of being able to watch when you want, something I mentioned earlier in the post.

Of course I lack a proper Otaku PhD so take my following words with caution: Do what works best for you. There honestly is no one way to watch a show. I honestly know individuals who balance binge watching with active simulcasts. They have time slots in their daily lives that allow for it, thus they are able to be a bit more active in their consumption. Some of us may only have time to watch something once it is ready for a binge watch. Others can afford the luxury of a day of release watch. Just work around what you got, that is all the advice I can truly give you.

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3 thoughts on “To Binge Or To Simulcast?

  1. I feel your pain. I also feel bad for people who watched Naruto as it was airing–that show is slow!

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    1. I was one of those individuals, haha!

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  2. I’m a binger all the way Lol

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