Overwatch League Gives Me Hope For E-Sports

After the Overwatch League inaugural season kicked off on January 10th I was feeling skeptical but after seeing the last few matches… I am a believer. E-Sports is something of an oddity when it comes to the sporting world and many see it as nothing but a game; Childs play. But you cannot ignore the quality and the skill that goes into something like this. It is freakishly amazing to see these players push and play the way they do. It is night and day from the everyday, casual gamer. You don’t just play a game and expect to be good at it. It takes time and grooming. Understanding your ability and your limitations are key and the with Overwatch League I feel we finally will get that distinction.

What this means for us gamers is better representation and hopefully a higher level of appreciation. While I still find it a bit odd to be wearing a jersey with a gamertag on it, I will still say that I love the representation that we gamers are finally getting. Now lets not screw this one up with the usual gamer hate and toxicity that already gives us gamers enough flak… Currently as of this writing the Los Angeles Valiant is leading the Overwatch League season with 2 wins making them a high target for the other heavy hitters. Hopefully we continue to see other Esport titles move in this more polished and profession oriented direction. All it takes is a push and an implementation for the future gears to spin forward.

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9 thoughts on “Overwatch League Gives Me Hope For E-Sports

  1. I would love to see more esports on TV.

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  2. Valentino Senpai January 12, 2018 — 9:48 pm

    E-sports is going in the right direction and things are looking up but I don’t think this will mean gamers will get better representation because the media loves using those old stereotypes. I feel like it might get the community a bit of respect but overall I feel like it’ll be a niche sports.

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    1. It’s getting pretty widespread though. Blizzard knows how to market and they’ve done very well for themselves so far. Only time can tell however.

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      1. True.


  3. I love that London Spitfire are South Koreans. Not a single strand of European DNA between the whole lot of them. Lolol it’s fine but it kind of spoils the geographic patriotism, like USA vs. whoever

    Instead we’ll have teams all over the U.S. And world with entirely South Korean rosters lolol.

    Great matches so far, more teams and more countries getting involved though!

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    1. Really loved the matches 😻


  4. Just watch me play my bronze games yo~

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