Getting Started With Podcasting! The Quick version!

So because the internet has been causing me all sorts of trouble on this fine night, I am going to change gears. Rather than get a podcast out tonight, I will give you all some quick tips and pointers on how to get started with your very own Podcast! It really is quite simple and will work on both Apple and Microsoft computer products. So let’s get this show on the road!

First off you are going to need a content to focus on. This is always the hardest part to anything one does in life. Choosing what to talk about and how frequently. Podcasts are varied items and can range from several minutes to a couple of hours, so be mindful on what you wish to ramble about. Talking about anime or gaming is fun and all but find a way to make it into a discussion, find a way to wrap it in something tasty. You don’t want to sound like I do when I podcast: Dry and brittle. Only kidding… partially. It also helps to have a friend or colleague who you can rely on to help. It makes the time swim by much better if you can grab yourself a co-host.

You don’t need any fancy programs. Applications like Audacity work across multiple platforms and are easy to work with. Garageband for Mac’s is also a nice option. Okay so while it isn’t too complex you just need to figure out how and where you want to post your podcasts. Soundcloud is an option but you get jack when it comes to free space. YouTube on the other hand is great and you can easily just turn it into a video that has pictures to support it. Really, any media service online should work splendidly. It is just the program that you need to get started. That and a microphone of sorts.

Any microphone will do, but if you want some crispy audio, I’d recommend grabbing a Blue Snowball or a Blue Yeti Microphone. These are the hard hitters and will vary from price. I personally use a Blue Yeti Blackout Edition that I got from work for dirt cheap. It is a solid sounding microphone and it gives you some nice audio files to work with. If you are short on the funding then your built in laptop or webcam’s microphone will do the job just fine. That is actually what I did when I first started out and it still sounds pretty good. If all else fails and you are apt at pulling media files from your cellphone of choice, then you could also just record audio right from your phone.

And that’s it! The quick and dirty version for starting a podcast! Alright, it is not dirty… just quick. I will talk more in-depth about this but I figured I would owe you all something podcast related as I was unable to properly upload my podcast for tonight…

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