Blend S is a tour of fun and maids!

For those of you still in the dark on the hit anime Blend S, allow me to introduce you all to a world of maids who exhibit key personalities. This peculiar anime follows our lead heroine Maika and her daily struggle to conquer having a face that just naturally looks sadistic. After failing job application after job application, she finds her calling in a personality themed, maid cafe ran by an Italian man, Dino. Thus begins her life as a maid with a sadistic look. No it really is that quick. She lands the job after crushing one application and begins her day in, day out job as a maid with other characters who exhibit other personalities such as Tsundere, Idol (Trap) or Sister ones. The peculiar owner of the cafe, Dino instantly falls for her and thus proceeds in his attempt to win her over with dedication and admiration of her abilities and work ethic.


Like all anime before it, this one is a slice of life addition that blends (get it) beautifully with the maid genre; one that I never personally enjoyed. However this anime makes it much more fun by poking and prodding at fandoms and otaku culture itself. Take our lovely tsundere, Kaho who beautifully embodies that I love to hate after you vibe and is a gamer at heart. Even the cafe owner Dino is an anime loving weeb who fetishizes Japanese girls. Wait, what?! Yup I typed that right… The owner of the cafe is a man who is chasing after that perfect Japanese girl with the Black hair. It is uncomfortable realistic and it is one that permeates Anime culture and often gives enthusiasts a bad rap.


Not to mention he is 26 years old and chasing after our lead Maika who is of course only 16 years of age. Now before I get the flood of “Loli-hater” or “BUT KAUSUS THAT’S AGE OF CONSENT OVER THERE”, I realize that, but it still doesn’t mean it will sit right with everyone who watches the anime. It feels horrid and wrong from someone who has grown up with a different cultural raising and viewpoint. While this is a primary focus I believe it does little to detract from the overall enjoyment of the show, it is just one addition that I feel won’t sit very well with many of the viewers out there. Creative marriage of both the slice of life and maid genre is frankly a stunningly fun point for this show. It takes two very used genres and mashes them together to form something unique and amazing.

The character development is there and gives us a reason to enjoy the characters that we have to see for 12 episodes. What is more promoted than the character building is the maid building. It is like playing an RPG wherein you are trying to gather all the stereotyped characters and add them to your party. This is something that I feel works quite well and it gives the anime a much more enjoyable layer of paint that I feel is lacking from the usual maid genre. It gives you a reason to find a character you would prefer and of course, one of the maids is a Trap. I’ll just leave you here to guess at which character that might be. However they are all lovable and will defiantly make great figure additions, with Maika even being first one to get a nendoroid release.


The music as with any show is upbeat and the opening song has been parodied more times than I can count. It has a certain charm that has been lacking from shows I’ve watched recently that allows it to stand out more. Maybe it is the union of clever jabs at us fans and our interests or maybe it is just the vividly diverse cast. In either respect the show has some unique melodies that lends very well to the over all goal of the show. It sucks you in and doesn’t wish to ever let you go.

Is this going to be a slice of life that you absolutely fall head over heels for? Potentially not. It caters to a demographic that is almost niche, but yet this was one of the better received ones in recent years, due to it’s meme worthy opening and lovable cast of characters. If you want an anime that will make you laugh then you are in good company here, just be mindful of the slightly and potentially awkward love interest between two of the main characters. The humor is spot on with even some special nods towards other anime such as New Game’s Hifumi or general gaming trends on mobile phones. It knows the targeted audience and it hits the ground running in an attempt to gobble up your precious anime viewing time.

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6 thoughts on “Blend S is a tour of fun and maids!

  1. My parents are 19 years apart. Dino isn’t trying hard enough. 😂🤣

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dino is the otaku inside all of us. He will try though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course it doesn’t justify pedo and all that. In the end it comes down to the person…
        Now I’m wondering what my pa has to marry someone he’s capable of being a father to.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Like I said, for some it might not be as odd, just dino is dino XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually reallllllly enjoyed this anime!!! Full of laughs and great moments! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you agree! It is a very unique anime and I am guilty to say that I binged it in just two nights.

      Liked by 1 person

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