Need a Game This Holiday? Grab One Of These!

For our second holiday related post I wanted to take a look at some gaming recommendations. Whether you are looking for something uniquely a multiplayer experience or maybe you want to binge a great single player story. Chances are one of these should sate your desire. Of course I will provide links down below to all of the featured products on our amazon page.


First off a shoutout to my favorite multiplayer game, Overwatch. This should be a first pick contender for anyone wanting to surreal multiplayer experience. The game is takes inspiration from both MOBA and traditional objective based shooters. Except it adds a touch of quirkiness that only Blizzard can achieve. The game is accessible to anyone who wishes to pick up a controller and hit the ground running. From simple Human Vs. AI modes, to traditional PVP with hero selection, be that picked or rolled randomly. Currently Overwatch is leading the charge when it comes to normalizing the E-Sports sector and is often the face of such criticisms thrown against it. Regardless of your opinion on E-Sports this is a title that will surely delight any player.


Second for a more MMO style, might I suggest Destiny 2? This one will of course vary on the person. If you loved Bungie’s former masterpieces on the Xbox consoles, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this one. Destiny 2 takes the MMO genre and gives it a nice First-Person coating that just works. It has been so successful that we have seen other titles adopt this similar stylized approach. If you can’t beat them, join them. It is a daring space opera that has everything that one could want from a normal MMO, just minus the macros and tedious crafting systems. It is a stripped version and I quite enjoy the look and feel of it. Now it won’t be for many people as It will depend on how fond you are of shooters.

For the concerned parent might I suggest Splatoon 2? While this is a shooter for all intensive purposes, it is far from toxic or graphic. It simply pits two teams of four against one another in a challenge to cover the map in your teams ink. While it most defiantly helps to attack the enemy players, it really isn’t the focus of many. The game is cute, colorful and down right simple. It makes the perfect companion for the most casual of Nintendo Switch players and the overly competitive.


Lastly a game for those of us who wish to dawn a new persona: Persona 5. While I wholesomely wish that this game had won the GOTY award from The Game Awards it still is a most solid of titles. The game has the anime look and feel, as well as the renowned difficult grind of a J-RPG. This series is a spanning one that improves leaps and bounds over its predecessors. It tackles tough to swallow truths and everyday struggles for high school students and social issues. The game is also quite dark and morbid when it needs to be, but the story it unravels before is one that is just gorgeous. If you wish to achieve all there is to the game expect to be in it for a while. The average time for full completion sits around 163 hours in total.

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