Where To Start When It Comes To Camera Shopping!

So maybe you are shopping for someone else or maybe it is a gift to you. A camera is an item, a tool that opens up a door of endless possibilities. You just have to put in some time and effort to learn how to use one. Thank God for YouTube videos, right? Now it doesn’t matter why you are buying it, what matters is what you are wanting and what you need to consider when buying your first camera for the holidays.

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First you want to figure out what it is you want. Do you want something that is potentially light-weight, fast and quality? Then a mirrorless camera system is right for you. DSLR’s have traditionally used a flapping mirror system that dictated how fast you could shoot photos and how quality something like video could be. Mirrorless solves that with a blend of beautiful software that doesn’t need a mirror to take an image. They however are quite expensive and while older models have come down in price, that doesn’t mean much with the larger camera market. The Sony a6000 or a6300 are ample choices for someone looking to start off strong, with room to expand and grow their skill.

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The Nikon D3400 or the Canon T6 are two very ample, entry level DSLR’s that can keep up with your daily life. While the differences between these two is a matter of megapixels, they both are a step down from more professional grade cameras like the Nikon D5600 or Canon Rebel T6i. Not to say they aren’t as good, they just lack tilt-flip screens. They do however take superb photos and excellent video if you are wanting to start off easy and work your way up to cameras that can do a bit more. These camera’s will help you understand how a DSLR works and can actually give you plenty of room to stretch out your legs.

Check it out over at B&H: Nikon D3400 & Canon T6

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Now of course camera’s are one thing but what about different lenses? This is a good point as when you get a DSLR the first thing you wonder about is if you will need a new lens. Truth be told for a majority, the kit lens that comes with your camera is ample enough. However if you want to get cinematic or epic you best be up for an adventure into the world of lenses. Some zoom, some are fixed and others shift. Depending on your need a different type of lens will help you out. If you vlog and don’t need to zoom in on stuff a fixed lens will do the job for you. If you like doing landscape or wildlife shoots, having a zoom lens will allow you to get closer to a subject. Some lenses will be cheaper than others, especially if you look at some third parties.

Check it out over at B&H: Nikkor 55-200mm & Canon 55-250mm

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Tripods can be a photographers best friend, but what one to get? Frankly for me, Manfrotto is the only way to go as I have had nothing but brilliant luck with their brand. They are quality made and handle just about any sized DSLR with ease. They come in all shapes and sizes so depending on your need you could end up with something entirely different; depending on the situation.

Check it out over at B&H: Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

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Lastly, audio is such an important aspect, especially if you vlog. A good microphone can turn any video from old to gold pretty quickly. External microphones can up your audio gains and will save an other wise poorly shot video. Shotgun Microphones and Lavaliers are go to choices for many individuals and have their uses. Shotgun style microphones pic up audio perfectly from infant of them and partially on the sides. Lavalier microphones are excellent if it is just you that you need to focus on. Of course they come in all shapes and sizes but Rode tends to be the brand that just about everyone goes with over anything else.

Check it out over at B&H: Rode Video Mic Go

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I am in no way sponsored by B&H Photo I just think this store does an awesome service for all aspiring photographers and videographers. They also sell a wide range of consumer electronics and accessories! So be sure to give them a visit while you are at it. I personally use a Nikon D5500 W/Kit 18-55mm + 55-200mm, Rode Video Mic Go and Manfrotto’s Mini-Tripod + Compact Action Tripod. 

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